Sometimes I Sew 2 (blog-a-day challenge, day 7)

Same idea as yesterday’s post, but using Spoonflower fill-a-yard fabric (6″ squares). In this case, I didn’t have 10 that I thought looked good together, so I used 5 squares of my designs (outside) and 5 squares of a fabric I had on hand (liner). I also used even heavier interfacing and sewed a lip at each side and bottom edge to make the box stand up better.

If anyone is wanting to make these, one caution I have is to be careful when doing the edge stitching down each side. Even after trimming the seam allowances, I still had issues with the fabric being overly thick. I bent one needle on this box and bent or broke a couple more on the ones I posted yesterday!

This box is modeled with a few sticky note pads next to it because that’s the kind of thing I’m going to store in it.

cube bin

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