What I’m working on 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 13)

Today was my third day of working at the fabric swatch handbag.

First, I edge stitched the flap and worked on the inside pocket. I used a magenta thread for the stitching on both. The inside pocket is meant to hold a pad of paper and a few pens. In the picture below, I’ve left the blue painter’s tape that I used as a guide when making the pen slots.

I did mean to edge stitch the pocket as well, but by the time  I noticed my mistake, I’d sewn a couple rows already (and also taken out a few rows of stitching), so I left it as is.

swatch purse day 3 flap pocket

I also sewed the strap pieces together, and added some of the extra swatch for more length. I am hoping the strap will be long enough for a crossbody purse. Finally, I cut some interfacing 1″ wide and about the length of the strap. This will make the strap a little more substantial, which I’ve found in the past to be a good idea.

swatch purse day 3 strap

Tomorrow I plan to finish the strap, and maybe move on to assembling the body of the purse.

Thanks for stopping by!

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