Sewing Project: V. Large Tote (blog-a-day challenge day 28)

Today I sorted through the pile of material from yesterday and chose most of the fabrics for the outside of the tote. As the focus of my design, I decided on some elephant upholstery weight fabric scraps. I acquired these, as well as many of the other fabrics I’ll be using, a couple of years ago at Sew Green in Ithaca, NY. I highly recommend this “secondhand” shop for any sewist who happens to live near or be visiting that area.

And now, here’s what I chose.

First, I’ve shown the front and the back – sort of mushed together for this photo.

tote front and back

In the picture below, the two fabrics to the left will be used for the sides of the bag, and the fabric to the right, for the base.

tote sides and bottom

Here’s the strap material, which I’ll probably cut so that the words are vertical on the straps. I’m not a huge fan of fabric with words, so this seems like a good compromise to me.

tote straps

Finally, here are some preliminary ideas for the rectangles at the bottom of each strap. I especially like the waves and the ladybugs, but I might use the ladybugs for a little patch on the strap or somewhere else on the handbag. As I mentioned, very preliminary for these.

tote squares maybe

That’s it for today – thanks for stopping by.

Published by lalalamonique

Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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