This week’s design challenge entry

artist affirmation

My entry for the weekly Spoonflower design challenge, inspired by a talk by Beatrice Schachenmayr ( @frameyourstoryproject ) that I attended recently. She mentioned the Georgia O’Keeffe quote as part of the talk and it struck me as something I’d been pondering for a while but hadn’t yet put into words. And then this “Affirmations” design challenge came up, and although I realize that many view affirmations slightly differently, the quote really is one for me.

To explain what she does, I’ve borrowed this from her campaign at Indigogo:

“Frame Your Story came into existence in 2015 when Beatrice, organization creator and founder, launched a photography program to empower refugee youth to heal and grow through visual storytelling and journaling.”

If you’d like to donate towards a book with photos by the young people involved in the project, you may do so here here on her Indiegogo campaign. The aim of the book is to teach “associative thinking” through photographs.

Such a wonderful way to empower young people in a very tough situation! And, by the way, I also have been inspired by her talk to sometimes take photos on my walks. Thanks, Beatrice, for the quote and other inspiration!



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Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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