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I don’t do Facebook, but I just started with Minds. Just posted this. Kind of nervous because often what seems well thought out in the moment for me later seems silly or stupid. Still though, this is meaningful to me for now.

“Message today while meditating: “You’re on the right track.”

For years, I’ve tried various external things to change, make myself “better,” heal. And maybe this is part of the solution. But maybe the answer is, in essence, internal. Maybe I just need to be more “me,” keep peeling that onion.

Maybe this is the case for others, for you, too. If you choose to follow a “guru” maybe that guru is just a mirror to tell you about you.

Just sayin.

#meditation #authenticity #inspiration #trueself #healing

Thanks for stopping by and if you are dissatisfied with your current social media selections, by all means, check out minds.com .

S. Self Portrait_Oil_24x32_1991 (2)
Me (by me) – a long time ago



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