What is this?

So, I started this project. I didn’t think it out a lot beforehand; it was almost like it started on its own. And, although  I generally appreciate it when I see different fabrics and patterns and colors together, after some progress I didn’t like it too much. I didn’t/don’t hate it. It just seems lacking somehow.

The fabric collage technique used is slightly different than I’ve used before (example below). Also, I was planning on doing the stitching by free motion machine embroidery maybe with some quilting. but I (randomly?) came upon some “slow stitching” in my Pinterest feed and that has sent me in a different direction.

factory windows cw
“Factory Windows” by me.


Still, I don’t love it. I’m considering  this as an “in the meantime”* sort of work – where I’m feeling things out and learning things for later use. (Has anyone read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert? I think it was in that book where she wrote about visiting her friend who was making “bad art” to get it out of the way.)

The thing is, I’ve had an idea for another similar fabric collage work floating in my head on and off for a very long time. I haven’t done it because it seems, idk, too basic? Not good? Meh? But it won’t go away, so maybe it’s time (almost) to just get on with it. And maybe I needed to do this work first.

I hope this makes some sense and answers the question in my title.

Best wishes for an excellent creative day to you all. Thanks for stopping by!


*Phrase borrowed from the title of the Iyanla Vanzant book, although I’m probably using it in a different context.


Published by lalalamonique

Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

5 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Sometimes the best art pieces are the ones we seem most resistant to making. I could see the circular piece becoming an element of a larger collage for some reason, but that is what immediately came to me when I saw it. Your work is lovely. I never thought of creating a fabric collage, but after seeing your work I want to.

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    1. I’m not done with adding fabrics to the outside – it’s eventually supposed to be a large flower with a small background. Probably should have mentioned that! Anyway, thanks so much for your compliment and also the comment about being resistant. I like the way you put the latter into words. I also like the idea of making the flower part of a larger collage – not sure if I’ll do that but I’m intrigued by the possibility.

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      1. I could see the flower when I looked at it and it made me think of almost a stylized impressionism, if that makes any sense. I could see it in a vase or in a field. Large scale works are intriguing and for me they are also scary because of the larger time investment required. I am sure there are unlimited possibilities that you could do, and I look forward to seeing where you land!

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