a new spark-joyful habit

“Does it spark joy?”

– Marie Kondo

First, I just did my 30 minutes a day project but have decided to hold off on posting the results. I realized that posting “Oh, I cut a few more pieces” would be boring for you and me both. So, I will accumulate a few days of work and plan to post about that project again on Monday.


A different topic for today:

A while back, I spent some time bingeing on Alan Watts youtubes. One idea – his suggestion to stop trying to improve oneself – has especially stuck with me. I have been trying to for years, with truly little to show for it, so this idea really hit home.

I wouldn’t say I’ve stopped my self-improvement projects completely, but I did really let up on regular walking for exercise. Then, just recently, I saw a couple of “spark joy” references in my Pinterest feed. I’ve never read her books, but Marie Kondo’s idea did spark something in me. And on a subconscious level first, I started pondering whether walking could somehow spark some joy in me.

Luckily, in the meantime, spring arrived. And I realized it’d be lovely to walk, perhaps just on weekdays, to a park or similar (there are more than a few within a short walk from me) and draw for a while. This also solves other issues for me: drawing more consistently and overcoming my hermit-y nature.

The picture above is from my first day – a short session because the breeze was intense. (And in case you are wondering – yes, that sign is right in the middle of the lake view from the bench I was sitting on. I left it in because I am amused – and annoyed – that someone deemed that a good location for a sign. Or maybe a bench, depending on which came first.) Day 2 – no pictures, but I did manage to get out  before the “heavy rain” that is forecast. Both days have been quite enjoyable.

That’s it for now; hopefully I’ll have more pix and/or drawings to share soon. Oh, and I’ve put both Marie Kondo’s ebooks on hold through my library system – looking forward to what else she has to say.



Published by lalalamonique

Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

One thought on “a new spark-joyful habit

  1. It is definitely a bad choice of sign positioning. They certainly spoiled the view. I’m glad you ventured out and enjoyed the outdoor experience. Going outdoors to catch some sunshine after the winter always cheer me up.

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