What can I do in 30 minutes a day? Parts 4 and 5

OK, back to it. Sorry for the delay.

I worked on the “Very Paisley Tote” more on Friday and Saturday, but then was not able to get to it for three days. New plan: Do the 30 minute challenge each weekday and then blog about it on Saturdays. But for now, I’m going to post what I have.

very paisley tote liner sides main panels and extra

On day 4 (Friday), I managed to cut the two liner end pieces as well as the two main panels (see above). For the panels, I chose areas of the Paisley Prince Songbook pattern that I thought had the most interesting motifs, but I didn’t manage to get the very large dove (above, lower left) in one of them. I will find another use for this lovely motif, either as an appliqué on this tote or in another project. Also, I do have a fair amount of the fabric left and a potential plan for it. But you will just have to wait and see what that is.

very paisley tote frames and one strap.jpg

Above is my beloved assistant, Madeline, with my results from day 5 (Saturday). I completed all of what I’ll call the framing – to go around each of the Paisley Prince Songbook main panels. But I left those pieces oversized for now. Also, to the upper right is one of the straps. The other has not yet been cut.

Next steps: Start sewing! Yay! I do have a few more pieces to cut at some point – the other strap, the strap liners, and a couple pieces for a pocket. (My friend gave me that cool idea – a designated library card pocket.)

That’s it for today – hope it’s making some sense. If anyone has questions about making your own tote using another as a template, please feel free to message me or leave a comment below.



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Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

3 thoughts on “What can I do in 30 minutes a day? Parts 4 and 5

  1. Can’t wait to see it when you’re done! I am also writing to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Mystery Blogger Award. Congrats! If you’re unable to write an award post, that’s totally okay! Also, if you’d like info on the award, there is a post on my blog about it. Have a great weekend!

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