New Design/Before and After

(Above: “At the Beach” fabric swatch and design mock-up on Roostery cocktail napkins and throw pillow.)

Another challenge entry, this one based on the theme of “Small-Scale Summer.” I wasn’t feeling too psyched about this challenge, until I remembered a painting I did long ago. This painting was for a class, and, truthfully, I remember it getting mixed results in the class critique – my positive review along with everyone else’s meh to negative reviews. I don’t know why the others didn’t like it – maybe it was the lack of/flat-ish colors or the uninspiring shoe as the main motif. But, there has always been something in this painting that I felt drawn to – I think the color scheme as well as the summery light feel. (I believe I was living in South Florida, where it’s almost always summery, at the time.)

inspiration and intermediate sketch
“Before”: my inspiration, an old painting of mine. Also, the preliminary sketch for the design. Both ©Monica Tojek 2019.

I remembered it in time for this challenge, for which I used similar colors but went more geometrical. At first, I was going to do a theme with many flip flops, then I thought maybe just the geometric shapes vaguely representative of towels. The first seemed too flip-floppy, the second too plain. So I added the sketchily-drawn objects – things one might find at the beach. Some of them (radio, watch) are more retro – from the beach I remember from my youth.

Also, the white lower opacity overlay pieces were in it almost from the start. These are abstract shapes, not any actual beachy representation, added just because I wanted them there.

Finally, I wasn’t going to make this a before-and-after post, but I felt inspired when I remembered that Sophie Marshall of s.marsh.c was so kind as to nominate me for the “Mystery Blogger” award. It made think that someone might find my process interesting. Big thanks to Sophie and more about the nomination in a future post.

Voting for this design challenge starts Thursday, May 2.

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Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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