The Land of 13 Suns

The Land of Thirteen Suns ©Monica Tojek 2019

I live in a land of 13 suns (and only one moon!).

Thirteen is the luckiest number. Can you imagine?

Some houses there are very, very tall; and others are very, very square.

The cats are blue with purple dots or purple with blue stripes. Dogs stand on tree tops to look at the always-full moon.

In my land, fish float through the sky and owls have stork legs. The mountains are striped and so are the clouds.

Thirteen suns are just enough! I love my land and I hope you will, too.

Please visit my Spoonflower shop for additional design views on fabric and wallpaper.

Contest voting for “Whimsical Wonderland Wallpaperstarts Thursday.


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