New for Sale! Paper Cutout Style Designs

Lots of new and lovely designs are being made available for sale in my Spoonflower shop! It’s a slow process, as I’m trying to balance much in my design life. For now, I’ll be adding blog updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Most of the first set are in a paper cutout style. All are part of my “Spring is Weird” Colors collection – more on that below. First, here is Paper Cutout Circles – Red, originally created for a dinner napkin design challenge and since increased in scale. The color is, to my eyes, slightly toned down from true red, on a true white background.

Next, the same design in a green, leaning somewhat toward a forest green color and also on true white.

And a similar idea with rectangular motifs, Paper Cutout Rectangles – Dusty Blue, also on a background of true white.

The “Spring is Weird” Colors collection came about because of this “Spring is Weird” design, created for a spring-themed contest. I love this pattern, but there’s a lot going on, so maybe it’s hard to see that most of the colors are actually somewhat toned down from those I often use. I fell in love with all of them and their quirky combination. Hence, the color collection.

All designs can be ordered on various types of fabric as well as all the home decor items shown and more. Test swatches can be ordered for any of the above and I’ve made this “Spring is Weird” Test Swatch 8″x8″, with all the colors in the collection neatly laid out, for sale as well:

Thanks for stopping by. The next update with more new for sale designs will be on Tuesday. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact me privately.


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Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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