Contest Entry: “Maximalist Holiday” Design Challenge

“Poinsettia Overload in Retro Colors with Texture” is a fun, bold design in non-typical holiday colors. This one reminds me of South Florida, where I lived many years ago. Fun for someone who wants to break from tradition, just maybe not completely. This is a contest entry and to be made available soon. Please feel free to comment or send me a message if you’d like to be notified when it is.

The most obvious use for holiday designs is perhaps for the table top. Below it’s shown on Spoonflower’s round table cloth and dinner napkins. Other kitchen and dining items available include: rectangular tablecloths, table runner, placemats, cocktail napkins, and tea towels.

Other obvious holiday uses are as room accents, such as the throw pillows and throw blankets shown below. Spoonflower carries a variety of throw pillows including lumbar style.

And finally, for that person who does not hold anything back in their holiday decorating, how about adding a wall of wallpaper? The colors are not obviously holiday, so it could also be a choice for year round maximalists.

For the DIYers, this print is available on various beautiful fabrics including Organic Cotton Sateen, Celosia Velvet, Minky, and Belgian Linen, as well as many more. Fat quarter, test swatch, and yard views shown below:

If you like this design, I’d love your vote starting Thursday. If you have any questions regarding anything shown above, feel free to comment or contact me directly. And, as always, thanks for stopping by.


Published by lalalamonique

Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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