I went to NYC last week.

New York City, where I lived from 1996 to early 2005, had no desire to return to until last year, then went a couple times before you know what hit. I finally just got up and went back last week and it was wonderful. Beautiful weather and I walked. And walked. And walked. And took tons of pictures. And ate some very delicious food, mostly take out. And stayed in a hotel room with a beautiful view that I probably could not have afforded at other times.

I believe they are on the road to recovery after a very difficult time and at the same time, can understand if people who live there and stayed through everything that’s happened recently might not feel the same. Things are not 100% or possibly even 80% back to their prior “normal.” Restaurants and bars are take out or outdoor seating only. People, of course, are mostly wearing masks, but, ehhhh not always and not always in the correct way. Less tourists are visiting because travel from many states requires quarantine, which I was able to avoid since I do live in New York state.

When I was there in my unfashionable (yet comfortable!) clothing, I got the urge to upgrade to more stylish (yet still comfortable!) apparel. And wouldn’t it be lovely if I could use my own surface pattern designs for it? Thinking elegant, stylish, yet with a touch of whimsy. And wouldn’t it be cool if I could use some of the many pictures I took while there as inspiration? So begins a new part of my designing journey.

Above is the first picture I chose for inspiration. This pigeon was looking toward the Statue of Liberty and seemed to be contemplating life’s mysteries. After studying the photo, I decided to use the colors as inspiration: the lush purple and gold, along with perhaps a little greenish-gold on the neck, the vibrant orange red of the feet, and finally the charcoal grey and nearly black of the bird’s head and body.

Have already started playing with ideas, and Mr (Ms?) Pigeon will be back when I come up with something definite. Until then, thanks for stopping by.


Published by lalalamonique

Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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