I Believe in Law of Attraction (Maybe)

Drawing for Day 3 of 40 of my Creativity Journey

Years ago, I took a painting class at School of Visual arts, taught by the fabulous Nancy Chunn. Since it was an advanced class, the format was for each student to “do ones own thing” and then at the end, talk about our creations. At first, I was painting in oils and getting meh results at best. Then two things happened. First, I switched to using acrylic paints. Then, Tom*, another student in the class, gifted me a canvas in an unusual size, said he wasn’t going to use it anyway or something like that. It was kind of sort of magical. OK, it WAS magical. The first painting was a wild imaginary landscape. There was another with spirits on the earth and in the trees. And so on. Sometimes these paintings were “good” technique-wise, too. The best part, though, was the subject matter.

[Edit 7/29/21: I’ve come to realize that I didn’t explain what happened very accurately. The spontaneity that I achieved by using quick drying acrylic paints made it easier to allow the subject matter to “flow through” me, It was already happening with the oil paints. The resulting works were delightful both in subject matter and their painterly, spontaneous quality.]

Some time later – it may have even been years – I asked myself, “Where were these paintings coming from?” Because I’d come into class with no idea what I was going to paint that day and by the end something compelling would be the outcome. And on the occasions where I did have an idea first, the results were not nearly as interesting. I still don’t know the answer to my question. I mean, does anyone human really know? I just don’t believe it was me. Or only me. Or the earth-and-ego-bound me.

And then there is the scientist in me. Previous to this experience, I had received formal education up to the master’s level in engineering and science. It seems that having this type of education DID have an effect on the way that I think. And so, I tend to be skeptical first and look at new information through the eyes of logic.

And yet. And yet, what of that time in graduate school when, while walking to school, I visualized being in a place so warm that even the ocean water felt warm? At that time, I didn’t know about Law of Attraction, just that athletes sometimes used visualization to improve performance. It seemed I could use this idea to feel warmer, and it worked. I didn’t actually intend to move to such a place. And so it’s interesting that my first job and home after graduating was in South Florida and close to the ocean.

(No doubt some of your are scoffing and mumbling “coincidence” under your breath right now. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue practicing not caring what other people think! I mean that with sincere gratitude.)

Aren’t there obvious examples where an attraction is taking place, though? For instance, sometimes at parties there is that one person, “the life of the party” if you will, who almost everyone loves to gather around. And at the same party, perhaps a few miserable people (or to be fair, maybe just those preferring a much lower key energy) who gather into another group.

And with respect to dating and relationships, how many times do you see the situation where a person is apparently attracting the “same person” over and over? Until hopefully they step back, do some inner reflection, and their romantic life improves. And, what of the person who is less qualified on paper and still ends up getting at the job because they exude confidence at the interview, all other factors being the same?

So wait, does this mean that if I sit and imagine my exhilaration while driving a fancy car that I will receive such car? I still don’t know for sure. (Luckily I am quite content with my rather unfancy car, so it’s all good.)

Happily, I have since discovered that learning to feel good by thinking better thoughts is one big approach to the “manifesting” process. And I’ve also discovered by using some techniques for this and markedly improving my emotional set point, I no longer care that much if it also works in a law of attraction way. Feeling better is more than enough in itself.

Perhaps more on this another day. Perhaps not. This post and yesterday’s were inspirations coming out of my new 40-day creativity journey practice and I will continue with that approach for now.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


*And Tom, if by some wonderful synchronicity you are reading this, thanks so much for your kindness! I wish I’d gotten to know you better at the time. I do remember how much I admired your fabulous art.

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