Is it OK to Be More Positive? (aka, Can I Really Trust in the Universe?)

“Stream of Consciousness” drawing for day 4 of 40 of my Creativity Journey

I sometimes listen to Abraham-Hicks. There, I’ve gone and said it. For those of you who don’t already know, Abraham is considered to be a group of spiritual beings as channeled through Esther Hicks. And yeah, that’s pretty far into the “woowoo.”

One of the main themes in their teachings is the importance of learning to be more positive. The general idea is that life gets better when one improves ones mood. It can also show up in their teachings as focusing on the solution rather the problem. Or imagining what you want instead of what is.

And there is a lot of push back on that, such as talk of “toxic positivity.”

What I’m seeing also is that there is a whole lot of negativity going round. Think of the current big issues. And consider the people on either “side” of those issues. Maybe it’s just me, but one thing I’m seeing frequently, no matter the “side,” is fear. Frankly, it often seems to be at the level of terror. It’s understandable, yes. What if it’s also not the best place to be? And what if it’s possible to get to a better emotional place, despite the circumstances?

I believe this to be both possible and a good thing to do. Isn’t it true that we make better decisions when we are in a good mood versus a highly emotional “negative mood”? Think back – have you ever had any experiences (or observed other people’s experiences) where this is the case?

Once I tried to bring this up in an online group. Admittedly, it didn’t go over very well because I was acting out of anger at the negativity. (Now I’m laughing at the misguidedness of that.) One person’s reply was that it sounded OK, as long as one didn’t get too “Pollyanna.” I think for most of us, including myself at the current time, there is much room for improvement before that has a chance of happening.

In terms of all the “bad things” going on in the world that must be fixed, my take is that if everyone learned to be happy/content/high vibe then many of the problems would drop away. If that’s hard to take, then at least consider this – what about thinking more in terms of the solution instead of worrying the problem? There is sense in that, yes? Abraham-Hicks says you can’t be sick enough to help other sick people, you can’t be poor enough to help other poor people, and so on. If someone is suffering, do you think it’s better to suffer, too? Or to be as happy as possible? I choose the latter because I think it conveys much more hope for a struggling person.

I once met a person I’ll call L., who was the happiest person I had met in a very long time, perhaps ever. Being from the country of Belarus, he could barely speak a word of English. His energy was pure and positive. That sounds woowoo, too, but I think most people can tell. Perhaps it’s mostly through body language, although some would attribute it to “vibration.” (I met his wife once, too. Even though she could speak English, it was her body language and tone of voice – and maybe that idea of “vibration” – that told me she was exasperated with L.’s lack of concern with worldly necessities.)

I still think about L. sometimes, and with gratitude, because he gave me great hope. I was way more mired in the depths of sadness and depression at the time, and he was a sign, a really great positive sign, that things could get better.

Let me be clear, what this does NOT mean is pretending to be feeling something one is not. (That, IMHO, would be “toxic positivity.”) If you are angry, then it’s not a great idea to pretend you are happy, for example. That was something that confused me a lot about Abraham-Hicks at first. I thought they/she were saying to be happy all the time. They are not.

The best approach, in my current understanding, is to feel the feelings. Accept the feelings. From that point, techniques can be used to change thoughts. Mood can be improved. It might take a while to get the hang of it at first. I won’t get into the techniques right now other to say that there are many to choose from – including in some schools of mainstream psychology.

I choose to feel happier just for the sake of being happier. Could it also be possible that it is a gift to the world? I think so.


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