The Stunning Beauty of Imperfection

“Stream of Consciousness” drawing for Day 8 of My Creativity Journey

I’ve been wanting to be more spontaneous in my drawing-to-digital art conversion since the beginning, and, as of yesterday, I think I may have gotten a lot closer.

I decided to experiment with adding color to one of my recent drawings. After some initial clean up, first using techniques explained by Art Rocket, and then digitally erasing the most unappealing of the lines (mostly guidelines left in at the hand drawing stage). Then, I started to get more picky with the corrections. And I soon realized that with each correction, I was getting rid of a little more of the pencil drawn line work and spontaneity that I have found so appealing in these recent sketches.

That is when, finally, I decided to leave the drawing mostly as is. And, for a change, dare leave all the imperfections right where they were. Because, yeah, it’s been scary to present less-than-perfect final designs to the public. And now that I’ve decided to go ahead and do it anyway, it feels incredibly freeing.

This seems like a sudden shift. Maybe; maybe not. An example from my personal life:

Like most people. I’ve struggled with aspects of my outward appearance – a biggy being my teeth. You see, I have what’s known as a “crossbite” and I’d become especially sub-conscious about it in recent years. “Straight teeth with an even bite” has been one of my manifesting desires for a very long time. Recently though, learning to improve my thoughts and mood has also made me more confident and accepting. And I think that’s why I’ve become OK with my teeth as they are right now. Would I still get them straightened if an easy and mostly pain-free solution* came to me? Probably. At the same time, I no longer feel an urgency to correct this “imperfection.”

Once I was a perfectionist. Then I learned to accept my flaws. To love myself despite my flaws. And now, as of today, I’m finding myself, on occasion, loving myself because of my flaws.

Crazy big shift there. What could this mean in terms of spontaneity in all aspects of my life? Stunning and beautiful.

Does this resonate with you? Is this something you’ve struggled with and maybe overcome? If so, I’d love to read about it in the comments.


*In the past, I’ve been told that my jawbone would need to be cut to correct the issue. Perhaps there are better techniques now, if so I’m not aware of them.

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Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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