“dobedobedobedo” Creativitty Journey 14/40

Shortly after starting today’s drawing, it started to feel all “up in the air” or ungrounded. So I did my best to give it groundedness, first by adding the flower pots, and then all the things connected to the baseline near the bottom – mountains, hearts with tethers, etc. To me, it still has a bit of a frenetic feel and that’s OK because it’s a good message.

Yesterday, I was heavily into doing mode. And while it was great to get a lot done, I think I ventured too far into an ungrounded state. I got caught up in a certain news story, which on reflection is something that may or may not happen and even if it does may not affect me much. But I couldn’t see that yesterday. So, for me today, it’s back to more “being.”

Some of you may recognize the phrase “dobedobedobedo” from the lyrics of Frank Sinatra. I also know about it from the teachings of Tara Brach. My understanding is that “dobedobedobedo” (Do, Be, Do, Be, Do, Be, Do) means taking time to “just be” between actions.

Meditation is the obvious way to do this. I think any type of stillness activity will do. (Minus the device, OK, and also minus the book or other reading material. Sorry/not sorry!)

Abraham-Hicks suggests something similar – meditate – a mere 15 or 20 minutes in the morning – and then take “inspired action.”

I could write more. Truly I want my today to be more about being mode, so I will soak in the message and “let go” of wanting to explain further, at least for now.

Wishing you all some time to “just be” today, even if 5 minutes is all you can spare.


Published by lalalamonique

Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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