“Cozy Daisies” by lalaLaMonique

Many years ago, when I was very depressed, daisies became a powerful symbol of healing for me. I wasn’t thinking of that, however, when I decided to use a recent daisy drawing to create my entry for this week’s Spoonflower design challenge. The challenge this time is limited palette with a cozy theme, thus the title “Cozy Daisies.”

There are some things I like very much about this design, including the distressed crosshatch texture and the varying of colors that create interest and a pleasing repeat. I thought I’d left too much background, though. The flowers look ungrounded. Then I realized they look like they are floating which is kind of cool.

These floating flowers are a symbolic parallel to what’s been going on in my life. I haven’t been depressed in a long while and have in fact been increasing my mood to a higher and higher set point. And with this change for the better, I seem to also be in the midst of other profound shifts. And yeah, it can feel a bit ungrounded – like floating – at times. In a good way. In a very good way.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the design, which will eventually be made available as fabric, wallpaper, and home decor items via Spoonflower. If you’d like to vote in the challenge, it starts Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by.


Published by lalalamonique

Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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