I’ve Lost Weight

“Floral Journey” drawing for day 39 of 40 of my Creativity Journey

If you’ve read my last few posts, perhaps it’s seemed like I am about to dissolve into a puddle of aery-faery woowooness.* Let me assure you, this is far from the case. There have been tangible, “3D world” changes arising from my 40 day Creativity Journey, too. The most obvious to me is that I’ve lost weight – to the tune of 16 lbs over about 6 weeks.

Now, this weight did not just mysteriously disappear into nowhere and frankly, if it had, I’d have been a little frightened. I did have to change things up. The changes I made were intuitive and easy, and also the typical things one might expect to lead to desired weight loss (and improved health, I’m sure): diet and exercise.

Sometime near the end of the Creativity Journey, I decided to start walking every day for at least 20 minutes. After a while, I increased it to 25 minutes. This was a gift to myself. I realized that I enjoy getting outside. I enjoy walking, have since my childhood years. And I know it’s good for health. Yet, I wasn’t consistent with it.

So, I made it easy – just 20 minutes (or more) of daily walking. At first, I did miss a few days; that’s become very infrequent. Nowadays, I often walk for much longer and it’s a lot easier to get out there and get going. In the beginning, though, I needed that little extra push. The consistent exercise and time outdoors has had many, many benefits, including being a factor in my improved health and weight.

On to the second thing, healthier eating, of course. I have changed to what I think is a healthy diet and it was intuitive and easy. One day, I went to the grocery store and without even thinking about it much, bought almost all “keto friendly”** foods. This was after talking with a friend, who’s had success with “keto,” the evening before and I’m sure that was a nudge in the right direction.

I think though, that this was the second grocery visit around then where my intuition tried to direct me toward better food choices. The first time, my ego brain was still too strong and kept telling me to make sure to buy some wheat products and maybe some cupcakes because “Don’t be silly, you are going to want to stop eating that way after a couple days.” The second time, my intuition was stronger than my ego. I’ve been in this healthy eating mode for about 8 weeks now with no weight change for the first two or so, then the 16 lb weight loss over the remainder of the time.

I’ve noticed other “real world” changes, too. My sleep patterns have been evolving, although the path for that has been more circuitous. Also, energy patterns – which, yeah, I know sounds woowoo again. Yet, there are tangible ways they can manifest. Maybe I’ll share more on these in future posts.

For now, wishing everyone an enjoyable day and an easeful path to any desired changes.


*Yes, I know aery-faery implies clouds; “puddle” just feels more right to me for some reason.

** My intuition was guiding me to the best foods for me right now. Other people might be drawn to other healthier-for-them foods. IMHO, there’s not one healthy diet for everyone and probably it can change over time, too.

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Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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