Do Trees Sing?

“Tree Spirits” circa 1998-2001, ©Monica Tojek 2021

I have mentioned previously that I used to create (channel, if I’m totally honest) paintings within the space of a (3 or 4 hour – can’t remember exactly) class. This is one of those. Back when, I only thought it was a painting about wanting to be past the emotional pain. To perhaps believe that angels and spirits were helping me. That latter part was hard to do back then, as it is now. Although, sometimes there are “coincidences” that could not possibly be coincidental. So I don’t know.

Recently, I took this painting back out into the living room. And now I see it’s all about perspective. (And yeah, there is/are other reference(s), too, so if you see those, you are not wrong.)

Having a hard time finding my happy place today but I will tell you, the way I feel is infinitely better than then and the darkest of days that came after.

Wishing everyone the best in perspective today.


Published by lalalamonique

Artist and fabric designer living in the beautiful Adirondacks of NY State.

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