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I am an artist and designer living in the beautiful and surprisingly cold (in the winter) town of Saranac Lake, NY. I was born and raised in the city of Corning, NY (with a few months in nearby Painted Post), known for the Corning Glass Works (now Corning, Inc.), developer of Corelle and Pyrex, and Steuben Glass, maker of fine art crystal.

My college years were spent learning Materials Engineering and Ceramic Science in Blacksburg, VA and State College, PA. Then on to Palm Beach County in South Florida, New York City, Baltimore County, MD, back to the Corning area for a short time, and now here.

I’ve moved around a lot, had a lot of different jobs, sometimes interesting, often not. My life has not been the typical get-married-settle-down-create-a-career-have-children sort. In a way, that took a while to come to terms with. It’s also made me realize that a life does not have to look any certain way to be a good one.

Being an artist to me means a certain mindset in addition to creating items of a certain type. Some would call it being a free thinker. Events in my past have caused me to seriously question mainstream ideas and also to become interested in the less tangible, aka spiritual, aspects of life. Science and engineering are good and useful (after all, it’s a great thing when planes do stay up in the sky as planned) but are they everything? IMHO, no.

As for the art, I have studied here and there, the main place and my favorite being the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where I took a variety of classes as a night student. Beyond the basics, I learned to paint intuitively (teacher: Nancy Chunn) and to draw from my imagination (teacher: Jerry Moriarty). I also remember having a lot of fun creating mixed media art (teacher: Shirley Irons). Over the past few years, my focus has been on creating surface patterns for fabric, which I sell mainly via Spoonflower.

And now, here I am in the gorgeous Adirondacks, where it’s especially easy to believe in God. In some ways, it’s the polar opposite of the “big city.” My life today is mainly about pursuing a spiritual path which simply means to keep improving my thinking and thus mood, following any inspired actions, and seeing what happens. Sounds simple, and yet, the results are beginning to look quite amazing. More about that can be found in my blog posts.

Best to all.


[post created on October 27, 2021]

(So there you have it – an About page. Or a start to one. Perhaps I’ll just post this and consider revising it later.)

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