30 Day Design Experiment, 5 of 30

Yesterday, for want of a little less intense designing, I chose a simpler motif. And I had to post it a couple places early because, as I wrote yesterday, “It’s like if someone lived in a house made of Dr. Seuss-ness.” Not 100% sure about the colors, yet – may want more variation between theContinue reading “30 Day Design Experiment, 5 of 30”

30 Day Design Experiment, 4 of 30

The first thing you may notice is that I’ve changed the name from “personal challenge” to “design experiment.” Woke up this morning feeling unenthused, and I realized I was focused too much on how good these turn out when I’d rather just focus on the enjoyment of trying new things. Some may not be soContinue reading “30 Day Design Experiment, 4 of 30”

30 Day Personal Challenge, 3 of 30

Happy Flower on Pink. Yesterday I finished the version with textured background (with a few tweaks today) and today I’ve added the version on solid pink. I like how the pink in the flower is similar to that of the background. May be playing around more with the colors and textures on this one. First,Continue reading “30 Day Personal Challenge, 3 of 30”

30 Day Personal Challenge, 2 of 30

Two designs done today! I’ll just post one for now. Not 100% sure about the colors on this one, but that’s OK – I think it’ll be good to expect some tweaks later, before I order the sample swatches. Cellular, from a drawing done on April 4, 2020: Below are the colors I’ve tried soContinue reading “30 Day Personal Challenge, 2 of 30”

New 30 Day Personal Challenge, day 1

I thought I was through with personal challenges, but it seems I’m up for at least one more. Searching through my drawings the other day, I noticed several that I still liked, or perhaps like even more than before. Many are smaller, simpler drawings. They may or may not make good designs, but I wantContinue reading “New 30 Day Personal Challenge, day 1”

Kaleidoscope Design Challenge

For this week’s Spoonflower design challenge, I chose to create watercolor symmetrical “kaleidoscopes” and frame them in an ogee layout. White space between each motif/ogee line was used to give the design an open, uncrowded feel; to give them room to breathe, if you will. Very pleased with the results! Here’s my process, more orContinue reading “Kaleidoscope Design Challenge”

Boho bright, colorful, wonky pseudo-patchwork duvet cover. Yeah, you really need to see the pictures to understand.

Had an idea. Made a drawing. Couldn’t believe that the first drawing could be workable. Put it away for a while. Took it back out and realized it really did look pretty good. Spent many hours redoing in vectors so I could scale it way way up. And voila. Boho Bright Patchwork duvet cover (andContinue reading “Boho bright, colorful, wonky pseudo-patchwork duvet cover. Yeah, you really need to see the pictures to understand.”

Things I’m still not good at (Dot #17)

I’ve been in need of a break, so I tried for an easy dot yesterday. I had done a bunch of dot drawing prior to finalizing and uploading the first one, and I used one of those drawings yesterday instead of creating a new one. Below is the before and after. I must admit, I’mContinue reading “Things I’m still not good at (Dot #17)”

New Design/Before and After

(Above: “At the Beach” fabric swatch and design mock-up on Roostery cocktail napkins and throw pillow.) Another challenge entry, this one based on the theme of “Small-Scale Summer.” I wasn’t feeling too psyched about this challenge, until I remembered a painting I did long ago. This painting was for a class, and, truthfully, I rememberContinue reading “New Design/Before and After”

Before and After 5 (blog-a-day challenge, day 26)

And my entry for this week’s design challenge at Spoonflower. Have been working on this all day, and my head is spinning a little. So – maybe some minor (hopefully not major) revisions to be made tomorrow. The contest theme is “Desert Modernism” and voting starts Thursday. “modern desert floral” by lalalamonique

Before and After 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 23)

Not feeling it today, so here’s a quick before and after. The original was a watercolor with drawing in crayola fine line marker over top. I removed the background digitally and replaced it with a rust color to which I used a drawing tool to add some texture. This technique is fun – I reallyContinue reading “Before and After 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 23)”