Things I’m still not good at (Dot #17)

I’ve been in need of a break, so I tried for an easy dot yesterday. I had done a bunch of dot drawing prior to finalizing and uploading the first one, and I used one of those drawings yesterday instead of creating a new one. Below is the before and after. I must admit, I’mContinue reading “Things I’m still not good at (Dot #17)”

ADK Love – Dot #16

After a long delay, summer is finally here in the Adirondacks. I recently went to a wonderful open air concert, and while there, had an idea for a cool ADK (Adirondack) related t-shirt, for people who live here rather than visitors. This is not it, but it does have some of the elements and isContinue reading “ADK Love – Dot #16”

Limited Palette Dot (#15)

It’s funny how the mind (at least mine) sometimes works. I have been thinking about whether to enter the upcoming Spoonflower limited palette design challenge, even tried out yesterday’s dot in the required colors. But today as I was drawing, I realized that my design (which looks a bit like abstract peas and pea-plant vines)Continue reading “Limited Palette Dot (#15)”

12 Dots So Far!

I thought it’d be fun to see the dots I’ve done so far all together and in order from first to latest. I’m calling these “creativity dots” on Spoonflower because I don’t have any specific ideas at the moment what they could be used for. (haha!) They will be available in swatch size and maybeContinue reading “12 Dots So Far!”

Happy happy joy joy Dot (#12)

It’s got a spiral and some mountains and clouds and flowers and and …. a little bit of almost everything and with happy bright colors. I’m posting this pretty late, so just showing the throw pillow, but as usual, many items available at Society 6 and more can be added upon request.

Sweet dot with optional bling*

Today I’m trying something new – a slightly different version for round and for square items at Society 6. Unfortunately, they don’t let me use a different image for the same item but in a different shape (e.g., round/square side tables or floor pillows). I may send them feedback on that, but for now, here’sContinue reading “Sweet dot with optional bling*”