Lovely for Wallpaper++

Hi, all! Back after a break. First of all, even though I stopped making posts partway through, my 40 day Creativity Journey was a success. Although I was experiencing a lot of “contrast” (what Abraham Hicks calls those unwanted, annoying, bothersome things that sometimes get too much of our attention) for a while, I alsoContinue reading “Lovely for Wallpaper++”

New for Sale! Paper Cutout Style Designs

Lots of new and lovely designs are being made available for sale in my Spoonflower shop! It’s a slow process, as I’m trying to balance much in my design life. For now, I’ll be adding blog updates on Tuesdays and Fridays. Most of the first set are in a paper cutout style. All are partContinue reading “New for Sale! Paper Cutout Style Designs”

Boho Brights: New Design Collection

Hi all! I’m excited to finally get started sharing my newest collection, my most extensive to date. Here are all the designs (80+ total) for sale so far. I’ll be adding separate links to each design, but for now, here’s a link to the whole collection. [Edit 3/19/20: I’ve now created a page with linksContinue reading “Boho Brights: New Design Collection”

New Collection Time: NYC Vibes

Recently I went back to New York City for a visit, my first time since moving away in early 2005. That fabulous energy – so seductive – was the basis for 17 marker drawings, that I’ve since vectorized and translated into a new fabric design collection at Spoonflower. I fancy these designs to be mix-and-matchContinue reading “New Collection Time: NYC Vibes”