a new spark-joyful habit

“Does it spark joy?” – Marie Kondo First, I just did my 30 minutes a day project but have decided to hold off on posting the results. I realized that posting “Oh, I cut a few more pieces” would be boring for you and me both. So, I will accumulate a few days of workContinue reading “a new spark-joyful habit”

I went for a walk today.

I live within walking distance of two to three lakes and yet, I adore this little pond that I can also walk to. The reason  I like it so much is that seasonal and weather changes are very obvious due to its small size. In fact, if the weather is very dry, it looks moreContinue reading “I went for a walk today.”

Beauty and deception on a winter’s day (blog-a-day challenge, day 3)

-6F/-21C and sunny here in the beautiful Adirondacks. One of those deceptive winter days: bright sunshine masking intensely cold temperatures. Not planning on going outside again today … unless I see the opportunity for a better photo.