Sometimes I Sew 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 9)

I did a search for neon versions of various colors and incorporated them into this (crazy allover psychedelic looking) pillow topper design. In print, the light yellow green outlines and light blue look a lot more neon than the rest, at least to me. Very curious as to how this might look under black light.Continue reading “Sometimes I Sew 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 9)”

Sometimes I Sew 2 (blog-a-day challenge, day 7)

Same idea as yesterday’s post, but using Spoonflower fill-a-yard fabric (6″ squares). In this case, I didn’t have 10 that I thought looked good together, so I used 5 squares of my designs (outside) and 5 squares of a fabric I had on hand (liner). I also used even heavier interfacing and sewed a lipContinue reading “Sometimes I Sew 2 (blog-a-day challenge, day 7)”

Sometimes I Sew 1 (blog-a-day challenge, day 6)

At Spoonflower, one of the typical ways of proofing a fabric/surface design is to order an 8″x8″ swatch. Anyone can order these swatches, though, not just designers. Their prevalence has led some clever people to develop alternative uses for them. Here’s one of my attempts. My mission was to create a case to temporarily holdContinue reading “Sometimes I Sew 1 (blog-a-day challenge, day 6)”