Pretty Floral Notebooks: New at Society6

Have been burning* through the notebooks for journalling, so went ahead and ordered three new ones from Society 6 with my own already completed designs. The top 3 are the new ones, bottom 3 those in the previous order. All except the top left and top right are also currently available as fabric and homeContinue reading “Pretty Floral Notebooks: New at Society6”

Happy in ADK

New drawing just completed and I was so happy with the results that I’ve already cleaned it up, added it to my Society 6 shop and ordered it for myself. Black and white for now – a digitally colored version is a possibility for the future. From today’s journal entry: Today I choose joy. TodayContinue reading “Happy in ADK”

Boho bright, colorful, wonky pseudo-patchwork duvet cover. Yeah, you really need to see the pictures to understand.

Had an idea. Made a drawing. Couldn’t believe that the first drawing could be workable. Put it away for a while. Took it back out and realized it really did look pretty good. Spent many hours redoing in vectors so I could scale it way way up. And voila. Boho Bright Patchwork duvet cover (andContinue reading “Boho bright, colorful, wonky pseudo-patchwork duvet cover. Yeah, you really need to see the pictures to understand.”

Things I’m still not good at (Dot #17)

I’ve been in need of a break, so I tried for an easy dot yesterday. I had done a bunch of dot drawing prior to finalizing and uploading the first one, and I used one of those drawings yesterday instead of creating a new one. Below is the before and after. I must admit, I’mContinue reading “Things I’m still not good at (Dot #17)”

ADK Love – Dot #16

After a long delay, summer is finally here in the Adirondacks. I recently went to a wonderful open air concert, and while there, had an idea for a cool ADK (Adirondack) related t-shirt, for people who live here rather than visitors. This is not it, but it does have some of the elements and isContinue reading “ADK Love – Dot #16”

Limited Palette Dot (#15)

It’s funny how the mind (at least mine) sometimes works. I have been thinking about whether to enter the upcoming Spoonflower limited palette design challenge, even tried out yesterday’s dot in the required colors. But today as I was drawing, I realized that my design (which looks a bit like abstract peas and pea-plant vines)Continue reading “Limited Palette Dot (#15)”