New in My Shop!!

Edit 7/26/21: I’m sorry to say I’ve been quite remiss in updating this page. For now, you can check out my spoonflower shop to see all the newest items.

Newest is at the top left. There are two groupings – the first for more complex fabrics and the second for solids or nearly solids. Clicking the caption on top of a design will bring you to the page for purchasing it on fabric and/or home decor items.

To view my entire Spoonflower shop, sorted by newest first, try this link. I also have a Society 6 shop, which can be accessed via this link. (At some point, I’ll update this page to include the latest of those designs, too.)

If you have questions about any of these or my other fabrics, please contact me via that page/form. I’d love to hear from you!

Spoonflower Fabric Designs

My “main event” designs. Some of these have available coordinates and some are one-off designs.

Spoonflower Solids and Almost Solids

These solid and almost solid (lightly patterned or textured) fabrics are excellent for these uses and more:

  • as coordinates to more intricately patterned designs
  • for creating hand-made quilts
  • for minimalist home decor
  • for most any type of apparel
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