Strange Magic: Work in Progress

Yes, that’s right, the drawing now has an official name. “Strange Magic” after the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) song of the same name, which I came upon by “accident” yesterday. It was a discovery because, although I’ve heard the song many times before, I never listened very closely to the words. Here are some of the gorgeous, gorgeous lyrics:

You're sailing softly through the sun
in a broken stone age dawn.
You fly so high.


You're walking meadows in my mind,
making waves across my time,
oh no, oh no.


It's magic, it's magic, it's magic.

[from "Strange Magic" by Electric Light Orchestra]

And, btw, the actual subject matter – especially the flowers – was inspired more by the animated video for another ELO song, Mr. Blue Sky, my personal fave of their songs for years and years.

I’ll put the drawing progression in a slide show (oldest to newest) today:

🌼 Latest personal discovery: I’m a dreamer and that’s a good thing after all. 🌼

Blessings to all today.


New Drawing: Work-In-Progress

©Monica Tojek 2021

Yesterday I posted one of my more “philosophical” posts. Then I changed my mind a few hours later and took it offline. The truth is, my ideas about my life and where it’s headed are changing that quickly. The truth is that, if you’ve read some of my older posts, there is probably a lot in them that I don’t think is true anymore or at least not quite as true. At the very best, they present things in a piecemeal way which is not how things really exist. Not how I really exist. So, maybe I’ll stick to Instagram for a while. Please see below for a drawing in progress (latest version above, older, below).

Pretty Floral Notebooks: New at Society6

Have been burning* through the notebooks for journalling, so went ahead and ordered three new ones from Society 6 with my own already completed designs. The top 3 are the new ones, bottom 3 those in the previous order. All except the top left and top right are also currently available as fabric and home decor items at Spoonflower.

These notebooks come lined or unlined and so could be a lovely holiday gift for artists, writers, or anyone who appreciates a pretty and unique notebook.


*figuratively speaking, of course. 🤣

Do Trees Sing?

“Tree Spirits” circa 1998-2001, ©Monica Tojek 2021

I have mentioned previously that I used to create (channel, if I’m totally honest) paintings within the space of a (3 or 4 hour – can’t remember exactly) class. This is one of those. Back when, I only thought it was a painting about wanting to be past the emotional pain. To perhaps believe that angels and spirits were helping me. That latter part was hard to do back then, as it is now. Although, sometimes there are “coincidences” that could not possibly be coincidental. So I don’t know.

Recently, I took this painting back out into the living room. And now I see it’s all about perspective. (And yeah, there is/are other reference(s), too, so if you see those, you are not wrong.)

Having a hard time finding my happy place today but I will tell you, the way I feel is infinitely better than then and the darkest of days that came after.

Wishing everyone the best in perspective today.


Happy Happy Little Tree

Happy Happy Little Tree (and Malcolm)

Today I followed an intuition and bought this little tree and already decorated it. It was fun and will be nice to enjoy for a while. (I’ll be honest, it’s already shedding a fair amount, so I may as well get used to its temporary nature.)

Wishing everyone fun intuitions to follow in their day today.


Happy in ADK

“happy in ADK” by Monica Tojek 2021

New drawing just completed and I was so happy with the results that I’ve already cleaned it up, added it to my Society 6 shop and ordered it for myself. Black and white for now – a digitally colored version is a possibility for the future.

From today’s journal entry:

Today I choose joy.
Today I choose playfulness.
Today I choose to step toward the light.
Today I choose lightness.
Today I am open to fun.
Today I choose Love.

I’ve been going through a bit of a difficult time recently. And because I now know what I do, I have realized that it is based on my own thinking and beliefs about the “situation.” Which means that I’ve had to figure out how to, for lack of a better word, “heal” myself. Which, to me, means changing my thinking. Which, in turn, means to lean toward happier, “higher vibe” thoughts. Which in this case has meant to “surrender” (more than once!); pray; ask for guidance; receive guidance. (And I realized partway through that I was already receiving the next little bit day-by-day.)

Things are much better now, with, I’m sure, room for more growth. Anyway (to whom it may concern), I am very, very (very) grateful.

[Update: Another day and I’m down again. I just thought I’d add that for full disclosure. I am happy that I’ve learned how to be happier. And I’ll never be perfect. That’s got to be OK.]

Wishing everyone happiness and magic in their day today.


let go, let go, let go

let all go – the
big small middling
tall bigger really
the biggest and all
things – let all go

so comes love

e. e. cummings

The Blue Guy Returns: Sneak Preview

Happy Drawing Day 16 ©Monica Tojek 2021

In April and May 2020, I created a series of daily “Happy Drawings.” The you-know-what current situation had just started a couple months before and I had decided to try Facebook again. These drawings were among the first things I posted there upon my return. My intention was to hopefully add a little happiness to counteract people’s worries.

Out of these drawings, a few really fun things emerged and one of these I call The Blue Guy. He is an outgoing and high vibe, yet laid back, guy. He’s also quite hairy, and you guessed it, blue. He thoroughly enjoys his job as a Pizzaaa!!! delivery guy. In his free time, he enjoys boating and is a bit of a surfer dude as well.

Happy Drawing Day 26 ©Monica Tojek 2021

For a long time, I’ve wanted to incorporate The Blue Guy into a design, and I’ve finally done it, or at least started to. My current drawing-in-progress has several of him in it and I’m sure once I start creating the computer version, I’ll decide to revise some and make them Blue Gals. This drawing is of an imaginary Adirondack scene and so it turns out that The Blue Guy likes colder weather outdoorsy activities as well.

Work-In-Progress: Imaginary Adirondack Scene (detail)

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak preview – more to be revealed once I complete the design and perhaps along the way as well.