Design Challenge Entry: Chinoiserie

I am not one for ornateness, so I did a modern, stylized take on the challenge. Although I also did this design in more traditional Chinoiserie (basically, a “western” take on Chinese art and design) colors, I think I’m going with this version for the challenge. Unless I change my mind…. which I do sometimes….

Design presented on the “Catalan Throw Pillow” available at Roostery.

Vote here starting Thursday.

To purchase as fabric, wallpaper, or giftwrap.

Other colorways being made available.

Chicken LaLaLa (Spoonflower Special Edition Tea Towel)

My entry for the recent “Illustrated Animal” tea towel contest. Now available at Roostery (finished product) or Spoonflower (unfinished fat quarter). Linen-Cotton Canvas. Finished size is 16″x24″.

Inktober Day 26

I really like my color choices on this. There is one color that doesn’t seem to have scanned well – the blueish green that is showing up more blue than it should, at least on my screen.

One thing I’ve started to consider is the relationship of how much time I spend vs. the drawing page size. At first, I was going for 45 minutes, but this one and I think a few previous were about 1/2 an hour. So it leaves a lot of space, less busy-ness. Helpful for fabric designs where I’m trying not to have too much going on in one design. It’s a learning process and I love it.

9×12″, Crayola markers


Day 26 20181026.jpg

Inktober Day 25 Trying Out Ideas

Wreath idea for the Holidays Around the World Design Challenge. Messed around with it a bit today, but I wasn’t too happy with the results. The challenge isn’t for a couple weeks, so I may hold off and work on some other stuff for a while.

Edit: I think there’s a bit of a Seusslike quality to these guys. Happy about that part.


Gender Neutral Wallpaper Design Challenge

I updated my entry for this challenge at Spoonflower as below. It may look vaguely familiar, because it is the fabric design version of my Inktober Day 17 drawing, but with the colors changed to a cooler version. The original drawing and the design in its original colorway are also shown below.  Both colorways will be available soon as fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap in my shop at Spoonflower, and as home decor items at Roostery.

I had a big breakthrough with this one in figuring out how to do repeats in a much easier way than I have been. Maybe I’ll post the directions someday. Suffice it to say, once I figured it out, it seemed fairly simple and it was a wonder to me that it took so long.

Gender neutral entry copyright
“Gender Neutral Cool Abstract”


Day 17 20181022
Original Drawing (Inktober Day 17)


Inktober Day 17 copyright
“Gender Neutral Bright Abstract”

Inktober Day 20

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with this (Inktober). And truthfully if there were a grade I’d probably only get a “C” at best. But I’d rather have that than a “Withdrawn from Course.” I see my drawings evolving and I think improving. And it’s fun when I actually get myself to it. Finally caught up on the drawings (not the posting of them, yet) with only 9 more days to go. That went fast.
Day 20 20181022

Inktober Day 19

This one has the potential for 2 fabric designs. Also, I love the color combo and have already used it in a design, which I can’t post yet as I’m using the design (probably in a different colorway) for an upcoming challenge. Unfortunately, I had a hard time scanning this one and the light blue is not showing very well. (9×12 inches, crayola markers)

Day 19 20181022