A Flower A Day Challenge: 90 Day Milestone

In case anyone is curious, I have been keeping up fairly well with my flower-a-day drawings, which I started last August. The intention is to continue for an entire year; today I drew flower #149.

I have not, however, done as well at posting timely progress updates. Hence, above flowers #61 through 90 are shown. Looking back, I’m pleased to see more variety and originality emerging in these flowers, especially in the detailing. For comparison, please check out the blog posts for flowers #1 through 30 and flowers #31 through 60. (Links will open in new tab.)

Pinterest “pins” are greatly appreciated, with a suitable Pinterest version of the flowers presented below:

(Thanks for considering pinning the view shown above!)

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Contest Entry: “Small-Scaled Geometric” Design Challenge

Back after a long break with my entry for the latest design challenge at Spoonflower. For this design, I started with the beautiful colorway mentioned in Spoonflower’s Winter 2021 Trend Report blog post and added several tonal variations. Simple rectangular shapes were made interesting with overlays of tiny-scale plaid and stripe patterns.

The result is a design that looks excellent on all the home decor items and could work for “adventurous apparel,” too, as suggested in the contest blurb. For the latter, perhaps long jackets or slacks/leggings with a slimming effect due to the vertical nature of the design?

Tall Rectangles with Patterning on fabric (fat quarter, test swatch, yard) below:

And some home decor highlights:

Voting in the Small-Scaled Geometric design challenge at Spoonflower starts tomorrow.

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Another good showing!

It’s very exciting and an honor to place once again in the top 50 for a Spoonflower design challenge. Cellular Floral – my entry for the Microscopic Worlds contest – placed 30th!

This one is versatile – looking good in a variety of home decor applications including the ones shown below. After it was completed, it occurred to me that the design looks a bit like millefiori. Cellular Floral is now available for sale as fabric and finished home goods (bedding, tabletop, wallpaper, throw pillows) at Spoonflower.

This week’s challenge entry, for the “Create Room” design challenge is done in the same colors, but quite a different style. Curiosity Box, below, was based on the idea that assorted trinkets and small objects can be an excellent inspiration for creativity. Voting for that contest is now open.

And my next challenge design – in progress – will be the third in the same color combination, which by the way, is based mostly on the tertiary colors on a colorwheel. Stay tuned for more on that one!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and celebrating another fun win with me!


Contest success and feeling thrilled!

Yesterday I found out that Patterned Playing Card Motifs, showcased in a previous post, made it to 21st place in Spoonflower’s Game Night design challenge! It seems especially fitting that this playing card-themed design made it to “twenty one.”

A few possible uses for this design were shown in the previous post and here are a few more; these and even more now available via Spoonflower:

As a top 50 winner, Patterned Playing Card Motifs has already been made for sale in my Spoonflower shop. (And, in fact, there’s already been a three meter sale!) It’s my understanding that the playing cards design will also be made for sale via Etsy at some point.

Jewel Tone Mod 70s Flowers, my previous best contest entry, shown below, has been a good seller via Spoonflower and especially through Etsy. This design is also available in intermediate and jumbo scale.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and celebrating my fun win with me!


Contest Entry: “Game Night” Design Challenge

Back into the challenges after several weeks off. For the “Games Night” challenge, I decided to go with playing card suits with patterns – a fun twist from traditional spade, heart, club and diamond motifs. I did keep the colors pretty standard: red, (almost) black, dove gray, and white. The background has a diagonal cross hatch which was fun to do and, I think, really adds to the final design. Above, the design is shown on some suggested table linen uses and in test swatch view. Below, fat quarter, test swatch (again) and yard views of patterned playing card motifs.

Voting for this challenge starts Thursday. Thanks for stopping by!


Hearts Coloring Pages – new at Etsy!

My first new Etsy listing in years is a digital download: 8 pages of hearts designs for coloring or craft uses. Related fabric items via both Etsy and Spoonflower are in the works, too. Happy Hearts Coloring and Craft Pages, with about 35 unique hearts motifs plus extra filler (for better coloring fun), is now available for only $1.50 at Etsy.

That’s it for now – thanks for stopping by!


A Flower A Day Challenge: 60 Day Milestone

I recently completed the 60th flower of my flower-a-day-for-a-year challenge, and here are 31 through 60! These seem improved (in my eyes at least) from the first 30, somehow more creative and inventive while still maintaining the essence of “flower.” Yay! I still noticed a lot of not-very-crisp and clean line work while uploading these, though, and am hoping that with time, that will keep improving, too. After all, I’ll be doing at least 365 of these!

By the way, each day I start by sketching out a 4 1/4″ square in my Passion Planner, so what you are seeing is a much smaller version. This challenge was inspired by the artist @struthless, in particular by this video.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you see any particular faves. And, as always, thanks for stopping by!


Random Sights NYC

I couldn’t think of a theme to focus on this time, so just chose some of my faves, not always knowing what makes them so. Not much to say about them except that NYC can seem like a never-ending source of delightful and sometimes unexpected sights.

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Flowers of New York City

Was wanting to post photographs of flowers I took on my recent visit to New York City. Then it seemed weird because who thinks of flowers when they think of the city?

To be honest, I don’t recall seeing as many in the past (when I lived there) as during this visit. Why is that? My thoughts are a. that there IS more attention being paid toward NYC outdoor spaces these days and b. I am more observant than I was back then. Both lovely reasons!

Then I read that yesterday was National Flower day. (However, when I checked today, I saw that one source said that this was true, another said, no it’s in March; so who knows?) Below are ten of what I think are the best photos. Hope you enjoy them!

The yellow flower to the top left – maybe 6″ to 8″ across in reality – is my personal fave. I’d love to read what yours is in the comments!

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SoHo (and The Village) Love

A mixture of love-themed graffiti/art as seen on my recent visit to New York City. To the best of my recollection, these were all taken in either SoHo or The Village. Is this NYC being “destroyed” by graffiti or being encouraged to come back to life in a better way after difficult times? (I prefer to think the latter.)

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m using these photos as inspiration for new surface (fabric) designs. For these, however, I’m not sure of an exact inspiration, other than the desire to continue making uplifting art and designs.

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I went to NYC last week.

New York City, where I lived from 1996 to early 2005, had no desire to return to until last year, then went a couple times before you know what hit. I finally just got up and went back last week and it was wonderful. Beautiful weather and I walked. And walked. And walked. And took tons of pictures. And ate some very delicious food, mostly take out. And stayed in a hotel room with a beautiful view that I probably could not have afforded at other times.

I believe they are on the road to recovery after a very difficult time and at the same time, can understand if people who live there and stayed through everything that’s happened recently might not feel the same. Things are not 100% or possibly even 80% back to their prior “normal.” Restaurants and bars are take out or outdoor seating only. People, of course, are mostly wearing masks, but, ehhhh not always and not always in the correct way. Less tourists are visiting because travel from many states requires quarantine, which I was able to avoid since I do live in New York state.

When I was there in my unfashionable (yet comfortable!) clothing, I got the urge to upgrade to more stylish (yet still comfortable!) apparel. And wouldn’t it be lovely if I could use my own surface pattern designs for it? Thinking elegant, stylish, yet with a touch of whimsy. And wouldn’t it be cool if I could use some of the many pictures I took while there as inspiration? So begins a new part of my designing journey.

Above is the first picture I chose for inspiration. This pigeon was looking toward the Statue of Liberty and seemed to be contemplating life’s mysteries. After studying the photo, I decided to use the colors as inspiration: the lush purple and gold, along with perhaps a little greenish-gold on the neck, the vibrant orange red of the feet, and finally the charcoal grey and nearly black of the bird’s head and body.

Have already started playing with ideas, and Mr (Ms?) Pigeon will be back when I come up with something definite. Until then, thanks for stopping by.


A Flower A Day Challenge: 30 Day Milestone

I’ve been inspired by a Youtuber named struthless* to draw one subject, in my case a flower, each day for a year. Am putting these into my Passion Planner Daily*, hence the words and dot grid background. Just over a month in so far and I thought it’d be fun to post the first 30 as a slideshow. However, there is a glitch that makes it not always show correctly, so here’s a gallery view instead. (Full disclosure: I did miss some days and made up for those drawings on subsequent days.)

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*FYI: Neither of these are affiliate links, I just like and appreciate them and wanted to share.