“Gender Neutral Nursery Wallpaper” Design Challenge

Edit: I’ve changed my mind and entered another design. Will post that soon.

Below is my entry for this week’s design challenge at Spoonflower. The idea was to create wallpaper for a gender neutral nursery. I went bold and minimal with these alphabet squares. The image below is scaled down quite a bit – the actual wallpaper panel shown would be 24″x72″ and each separate block is 6″ square.

gnwp final copyrighthttps://www.spoonflower.com/designs/8085674-6-inch-alphabet-blocks-gender-neutral-by-lalalamonique


Inktober Day 16: Sort of Geometric

Fun little motifs. Probably needs a lot of changes to make into a good fabric design, but it has potential.

Mine’s kind of a messy version of it, but I’ve been admiring the varying thicker line weight in some other artists’ Inktober drawings, and tried to emulate that here. Day 16 20181017

Inktober Day 15: A Potential Fabric Design

A fellow fabric designer complimented me by suggesting that this resembles a Mayan jaguar mask. She gave me this link for a similar example of a jaguar panel (you need to scroll down a bit):


VERY cool because I love ancient rock art but I don’t know much about it especially the Mayan version.  Always more to discover!

This might be do-able as a fabric design. Day 15 20181017


Inktober Day 14,Catch Up Drawing

I’m not going to get specific, but in this drawing, I was brainstorming some ideas for a fabric design project. I’ll admit, I don’t think I was successful, but sometimes I have to make a lot of unsatisfactory attempts before getting to the good stuff.

Inktober Day 14 catch up drawing (9×12″, crayola markers)

Day 14 20181017

Inktober Day 12, Choosing Colors

While seeking information for an upcoming Spoonflower design challenge (“Fair Isle”), I discovered a cool way to choose colors. The original post at Interweave was specifically geared toward Fair Isle knitting, but, I am experimenting with expanding the technique for use in my drawings/fabric designs.

The basic idea is to choose colors more based on their value than hue. There is a simple process described and what you end up with is  3 dark/darkish colors, 3 light/lightish colors and 2 colors that are for accents. So, 8 colors total, but really 9 (sort of) for me because, although white is not strictly a color, it’s necessary to take into account for drawings and for fabric design. (If I leave a white background in a drawing, I will most likely switch it out with a drawing color or another color in the fabric design.)

This process has me considering value much more than I have been, which I find very helpful. So far, I’ve used this technique for the drawings for Days 11 through 16.

Catch up design for Day 12 below (9×12″, crayola markers)

Day 12 20181017


Inktober Day 11, Realizations and Decisions

As I mentioned in the previous post, I fell behind because I was working on a time consuming fabric design. But I’ve also come to realize that I wasn’t doing this challenge in the best way for me.

It was that prompt “Cruel” that threw me for a loop. I have no desire to make any artwork based on that word. No offense to anyone who did use that prompt, often rather effectively. It just wasn’t for me.

That got me to realize that if I’m going to do the rest of this challenge, I might as well do it my way. Since the main purpose in me making art is to translate it into fabric designs, it makes a lot of sense to make these daily drawings with that in mind. Also, the prompts became a hindrance rather than a nudge toward inspiration, so I’m dropping them for now.

Here’s my catch up drawing for Day 11 (9×12″, crayola markers):

Day 11 20181017


Fallen behind

Edit: This design is now on sale at Spoonflower. A tutorial and pictures of the finished project will be posted soon.

I’ve fallen behind on my Inktober drawings, and here’s why. I’ve been hard at work creating this cut and sew fabric design, called “ADK little houses.” It’s meant to be used to make 5 stuffed ornaments, approximately 3×4″ each, for Christmas trees or other uses. I plan to sew up some examples soon.

The name (ADK Little Houses) comes from me being inspired by the tiny roadside cottages/cabins for lodging that are often seen here in the beautiful Adirondacks (ADK). But, I was also inspired by illustrations with fun little details vaguely recalled from children’s books of my youth.

Voting for this contest starts Thursday October 18 at Spoonflower and I’d appreciate the votes of anyone who feels so inclined.

Tomorrow is drawing catch up day and much needed rest day for me. 🙂

adk little houses cut and sew finalish r13 copyright
“ADK Little Houses” by lalaLa Monique