Contest Entry: “Frolicking Floral Celebration!”

The challenge theme for this week is “Your Artistic Voice: 500th Design Challenge.” A contest and a celebration all in one! I created my entry with much gratitude that Spoonflower exists as an outlet for my particular form of creativity.

Thinking of my dear grandmother, who worked for Stadtler’s a department store in the Buffalo, NY area and used to gift me wonderful bedspreads and sheets from there on a regular basis. Can’t even remember all of them – just that they tended more toward ballerina motifs in my younger days and florals when I was older. Truly, I never even dreamed that I’d have the opportunity to create designs for such things in later life, and I am so grateful.

The various home decor bedding items at Spoonflower are a best bet for this joyful design:

And for those of you who prefer the DIY approach, “Frolicking Floral Celebration!” on fabric in fat quarter, test swatch, and yard view:

Voting for this contest starts Thursday. This design, not yet for sale, is my final challenge entry for several weeks. The next five are all tea towel challenges and I have a different focus (or two) in mind. Stay tuned for more on that.

And as always, thanks for stopping by.


Contest Entry: “Maximalist Holiday” Design Challenge

“Poinsettia Overload in Retro Colors with Texture” is a fun, bold design in non-typical holiday colors. This one reminds me of South Florida, where I lived many years ago. Fun for someone who wants to break from tradition, just maybe not completely. This is a contest entry and to be made available soon. Please feel free to comment or send me a message if you’d like to be notified when it is.

The most obvious use for holiday designs is perhaps for the table top. Below it’s shown on Spoonflower’s round table cloth and dinner napkins. Other kitchen and dining items available include: rectangular tablecloths, table runner, placemats, cocktail napkins, and tea towels.

Other obvious holiday uses are as room accents, such as the throw pillows and throw blankets shown below. Spoonflower carries a variety of throw pillows including lumbar style.

And finally, for that person who does not hold anything back in their holiday decorating, how about adding a wall of wallpaper? The colors are not obviously holiday, so it could also be a choice for year round maximalists.

For the DIYers, this print is available on various beautiful fabrics including Organic Cotton Sateen, Celosia Velvet, Minky, and Belgian Linen, as well as many more. Fat quarter, test swatch, and yard views shown below:

If you like this design, I’d love your vote starting Thursday. If you have any questions regarding anything shown above, feel free to comment or contact me directly. And, as always, thanks for stopping by.


New for Sale! Wacky Curvy Jumbo Scale Stripes

Wacky Curvy Jumbo Scale Stripes is all of the things in the title as well as colorful, modern and bright. It looks great on several home decor items, depending on ones commitment and comfort with bold design, so first, a look book with some of my faves. Think a few pillows for a pop of colorful fun, duvet cover or even wallpaper for all out max boldness.

And now the fabric views: fat quarter, test swatch, yard:

This is probably a transitional post as I’m rethinking how I present things here on this blog and on the rest of my social media, while still wanting to stick with the Tuesday/Friday posting schedule as best possible.

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Contest Entry: “Cut-and-Sew Fat Quarter Giftables” Design Challenge

So much fun to do this design – a pillow with a retro-looking ornament motif. This is for a DIY project and I’m also planning on selling the finished version via Etsy sometime soon. Retro Ornament Pillow cut-and-sew is designed to exactly fit on a fat quarter of Petal Signature Cotton, as below:

Here are digital mock ups showing approximately how it’ll look when made up:

Could be a really fun addition to someone’s holiday decorations this year! I’d be thrilled if you’d take the time to vote in this contest, starting this Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by.


New for Sale! Six Whimsical Giant Scale Designs

For those who like bold, bright, and giant scale. These also have in common a black or nearly black outline. Great choices for dorm decor, tabletop, or anywhere someone wants a dramatic, yet modern accent. This time, I’ll just show fat quarter, test swatch, and one additional product view.

First, Another Giant Wacky Design:

Now, Pizza Parlor Abstract Weirdness:

Pizza Parlor Abstract Weirdness CW2 (another color combination):

And now the same design in three color combinations.

Spring is Weird Mod Botanical CW1:

Spring is Weird Mod Botanical CW2:

Spring is Weird Mod Botanical CW3:

The Whimsical Giant Scale collection includes these and several more designs with a similar look. All but the first design are also part of the “Spring is Weird” Colors collection.

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New for Sale! Summer Love Weathered Starburst Floral

Imagine dining near the beach on the perfect warm summer evening. This design was created with subtle colors and a soft, sand-weathered look for a relaxing, peaceful feel. And it’s multi-directional, too, which makes it an excellent choice for tablecloths, the table runner, and all the coordinating dining decor available at Spoonflower.

Here is Summer Love Weathered Starburst in fat quarter, test swatch, and yard views:

And looking good on the table runner and round tablecloth:

Summer Love Weathered Starburst Floral was my entry for the “East Fork” design challenge at Spoonflower.

Thanks for stopping by!


New for Sale! Lacy Designs

These two-tone lace effect designs have a similar aesthetic to the paper cutout ones posted previously. However, these are more symmetrical as they are based on a mirror repeat. A modern take on traditional lace and also part of the “Spring is Weird” Colors Collection.

Because of the two way symmetry (looks the same from either end), these lacy designs are a great choice for all home decor items, including tablecloths.

First, the fabric view (fat quarter, test swatch, yard) first, for each of the four designs.

Old Fashioned Lace White on Plum:

Sunny Lace White on Nearly Black:

Old Fashioned Lace Yellow Green on White:

Sunny Lace Dusty Pink on White:

And now, a selection of home decor mock ups to shown the design versatility:

FYI: if you like the design, but the pattern looks wonky on the mock up, Roostery will shift the layout to your liking. Just send them an email with your request. (And, according to their website, they are developing a better system for this as well. Yay!)

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Contest Entry: “Climbing Vines Wallpaper” design challenge

This design. There are things I really like about it and things I don’t. I’ll just leave it at that. I learned A LOT in the process, that’s for sure.

Apologies for not posting on Friday. My mind was elsewhere on some personal things, and I totally forgot! Then I got drawn into the completion of this design, which was very time consuming.

Magical Garden Vines on fabric (fat quarter, test swatch, yard) below:

Also, just because, here’s the original for this one:

And on wallpaper, the second view being how it will show in the contest:

Voting in the Climbing Vines Wallpaper design challenge at Spoonflower starts Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by!


Challenge Entry: “Mushrooms” design challenge

Departing from the “New for Sale” posts today to show my latest design challenge entry, “the world is a magical place”. For this one, I channeled the mushroom drawing child of my 1970s youth, added a couple cats, quirky butterfly, and fun flowers. It fell flat until the extensive shading was added – quite a process, but satisfying and, in the end, worth it.

Here it is on some home decor items, although I am considering making the fabric repeat slightly smaller after the contest is over. The wallpaper is at super jumbo scale and I plan to keep it that way. The repeat does have a bit of a vertical pull rather than an allover feel. Not apologizing – this time, it works for me!

Next, fat quarter, test swatch, and yard views:

Voting in the Mushroom design challenge at Spoonflower starts Thursday. Thanks for stopping by!


New for Sale! Minimalist Waves

I’ve got mushrooms on the brain. The next design challenge has a mushroom theme, and after a slow start, I’m really getting into creating my entry. More on that soon; in the meantime, here are two more new designs recently put for sale.

Today, I’ve chosen showcase my two “Minimalist Waves” designs. The first, choppy version was my entry for the recent “Quiet Spaces” design challenge and the second is quite similar without the choppiness. Both are not quite monochromatic – focused on a variety of blues and blue-greens.

First, here’s what each looks like in fabric – fat quarter, test swatch, and yard views:

Next, I really do like the choppy version on wallpaper, and the other version looks pretty fine as a throw blanket. As usual, all are available on duvet covers, sheets, pillows, and even more home decor items.

That’s it for today. Hope my writing makes some sense – my mind really does feel rather mushroom-like at the moment. Thanks for stopping by!


New for Sale! Retro Laminate Tabletop Wannabe

This design, my entry for the Pastel CafĂ© contest a while back, was inspired by the old school Formica laminates of the 60s/70s. In our house, I recall a Formica bathroom countertop in pinks and also barely remember an older kitchen table, possibly in silver on white. To make this design unique, I’ve used different motifs, layout, colors, and also kept it at a larger scale than the originals.

It’s a very versatile design with its non-directional feel. It has an overall marbled texture, most apparent on the light blue and light pink triangles, and more subtle on the antique gold triangle outlines and blue violet background.

If you like this design and would like to see it in a different colorway, I’d be willing to give it a go. Please leave any suggestions in the comments.

First, the fat quarter, test swatch, and yard views, of Retro Laminate Tabletop Wannabe:

And here are several home decor mock ups. I think it’s fun for tabletop items as well as bedding and accessories!

More “new for sale” items to be posted on Friday. In the meantime, I need to get back to my mushroom-y design – for the contest next week. Thanks for stopping by!


New for Sale! Paper Cutout Style Designs

Lots of new and lovely designs are being made available for sale in my Spoonflower shop! It’s a slow process, as I’m trying to balance much in my design life. For now, I’ll be adding blog updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Most of the first set are in a paper cutout style. All are part of my “Spring is Weird” Colors collection – more on that below. First, here is Paper Cutout Circles – Red, originally created for a dinner napkin design challenge and since increased in scale. The color is, to my eyes, slightly toned down from true red, on a true white background.

Next, the same design in a green, leaning somewhat toward a forest green color and also on true white.

And a similar idea with rectangular motifs, Paper Cutout Rectangles – Dusty Blue, also on a background of true white.

The “Spring is Weird” Colors collection came about because of this “Spring is Weird” design, created for a spring-themed contest. I love this pattern, but there’s a lot going on, so maybe it’s hard to see that most of the colors are actually somewhat toned down from those I often use. I fell in love with all of them and their quirky combination. Hence, the color collection.

All designs can be ordered on various types of fabric as well as all the home decor items shown and more. Test swatches can be ordered for any of the above and I’ve made this “Spring is Weird” Test Swatch 8″x8″, with all the colors in the collection neatly laid out, for sale as well:

Thanks for stopping by. The next update with more new for sale designs will be on Tuesday. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact me privately.