Taking a break … sort of

Hi all!

Just a quick check-in to say that I’m not going to be posting to this blog as much, or maybe not at all, for a while. Am needing to regroup and figure out the best and most efficient way to showcase my art and designs. Most likely this site will become more website and less blog, but I don’t know yet for sure. In the meantime, if you want, you can find me on Instagram as lalalamonique0, where I plan to post twice a week for the foreseeable future and/or on Pinterest.

Thanks so much for your support and understanding! And, as always, thanks for stopping by.


Transforming the Past: Spoonflower Design Challenge Entry

In the latest patchwork-themed Spoonflower design challenge, I chose to showcase my recent two-tone geometric designs. At first, I thought of a simple square layout, but then became interested in something more complex. After drawing out a few layout ideas, I came upon an old drawing of mine, circa 10 to 30 years ago, and I knew it was the one. It was really messy and didn’t have a seamless repeat, so I needed to make a lot of tweaks.

The colors and geometric patterns came out of an earlier challenge entry, “Festive Colorful Dots” as well as a second version with a dark charcoal background.

The two-tone geometrics, along with the related solid colors are an excellent choice for modern quilts and they are already available at Spoonflower in the “Festive Colorful Dots and Coordinates” collection.

While filling in the various patchwork areas, I took the approach of creating an abstract painting, with an area of warmer color concentration surrounded by cooler colors. The result has a feeling of refracted light or “abstract expressionism meets patchwork” – a sunburst area surrounded by cooler tones.

(a nice format as a Pinterest pin!)

For the best look on various home decor items, this design will be made available in a few scales.

Voting in this Patchwork design challenge has already started and I’d love your vote if you feel so inclined. Thanks for stopping by!


A Flower A Day Challenge: 120 Day Milestone

Above, thirty more of my flower-a-day-for-a-year challenge drawings are pictured. (I’m up to #170 with the actual drawings.) Some of these have already been transformed into designs. Perhaps I’ll go more into the process in future posts; for now, here are two of the completed designs – maybe you can guess which flowers have been transformed?

For the “Big Mod Flowers with Patterning” design, shown below, one flower was used with significant changes to the original. This design, already discussed in a previous post, was my entry for the “Reimagined Damask” contest at Spoonflower. This one is not yet for sale.

Four flower drawings were used in the “Contour Line Flowers” design, my entry in Spoonflower’s “Continuous Line Contour” challenge. This design is now available for sale as fabric and various home decor items.

Pinterest pinnable below, or you can visit my Pinterest page to re-pin from there.

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Please feel free to leave a comment with your guesses and/or favorites. Thanks for stopping by!


Contest Entry: “Yellow and Gray” Design Challenge

Presenting “Hearts and Paisleys and Dots – Oh My!“, my latest contest entry. This limited palette design features the Pantone 2021 colors of the year: Illuminating (Yellow) and Ultimate Gray along with black and white. For more interest, a dotted crosshatch pattern has been applied to the background and some of the motifs. This design features a tossed-effect layout, giving it a multi-directional feel – lovely for tablecloths and table runners. Some other of my favorite home decor uses for this one are shown below. Or how about a more adventurous clothing item – perhaps a boldly patterned pair of leggings?

Fabric views for “Hearts and Paisleys and Dots – Oh My!“, next (test swatch, fat quarter, yard):

Finally, below is a Pinterest pin-able version, which can be used with the “Pinterest Save Button” browser add-on. (I use mine with Firefox.) Another option might be to follow me on Pinterest. (And, if any of you, dear readers, would like to gift me with a better method for easy pinning, I’d be very grateful.)

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Voting in the Spoonflower “Yellow and Gray” design challenge continues through 3 pm next Tuesday. Not yet available for sale, but when it is, the home decor items will be as well. As always, thanks for stopping by!


Contest Entry: “Reimagined Damask Wallpaper” Design Challenge

For this most recent “Reimagined Damask Wallpaper” challenge, I may have gone in a different direction than most. My design is meant to be a more modern, pared down version of a traditional damask design. While using a typical diamond layout and flower motif, I spruced up the colors a little and transformed the standard symmetry into a-symmetry. The complicated scrollwork of old style damask designs was toned down considerably. To make things more interesting, geometric patterning was added to the background and some areas of the flower and leaves. Hope you enjoy this very jumbo scale design – suitable for the larger home decor items such as wallpaper, sheets, curtains and duvet covers.

Here are some of my favorite home decor uses for “Big Mod Flowers with Patterning“, and please note, this one is a very large and highly directional design, so maybe not the best choice for tabletop, throw pillows or other smaller items:

The design is first and foremost for wallpaper, so here’s how “Big Mod Flowers with Patterning” will look on that item – detailed (left) to overall view:

And now, the fabric views – test swatch, fat quarter, and yard:

Finally, below is a Pinterest pin-able version, which can be used with the “Pinterest Save Button” browser add-on. (I use mine with Firefox.) Another option might be to follow me on Pinterest.

Pin-able image (using the Pinterest Save Button browser add-on)

Voting in the “Reimagined Damask Wallpaper” challenge starts Thursday at Spoonflower. Thanks for stopping by!


A Flower A Day Challenge: 90 Day Milestone

In case anyone is curious, I have been keeping up fairly well with my flower-a-day drawings, which I started last August. The intention is to continue for an entire year; today I drew flower #149.

I have not, however, done as well at posting timely progress updates. Hence, above flowers #61 through 90 are shown. Looking back, I’m pleased to see more variety and originality emerging in these flowers, especially in the detailing. For comparison, please check out the blog posts for flowers #1 through 30 and flowers #31 through 60. (Links will open in new tab.)

Pinterest “pins” are greatly appreciated, with a suitable Pinterest version of the flowers presented below:

(Thanks for considering pinning the view shown above!)

Please feel free to leave a comment if you see any particular faves. And, as always, thanks for stopping by!


Contest Entry: “Small-Scaled Geometric” Design Challenge

Back after a long break with my entry for the latest design challenge at Spoonflower. For this design, I started with the beautiful colorway mentioned in Spoonflower’s Winter 2021 Trend Report blog post and added several tonal variations. Simple rectangular shapes were made interesting with overlays of tiny-scale plaid and stripe patterns.

The result is a design that looks excellent on all the home decor items and could work for “adventurous apparel,” too, as suggested in the contest blurb. For the latter, perhaps long jackets or slacks/leggings with a slimming effect due to the vertical nature of the design?

Tall Rectangles with Patterning on fabric (fat quarter, test swatch, yard) below:

And some home decor highlights:

Voting in the Small-Scaled Geometric design challenge at Spoonflower starts tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!