Gender Neutral Wallpaper Design Challenge

I updated my entry for this challenge at Spoonflower as below. It may look vaguely familiar, because it is the fabric design version of my Inktober Day 17 drawing, but with the colors changed to a cooler version. The original drawing and the design in its original colorway are also shown below.  Both colorways willContinue reading “Gender Neutral Wallpaper Design Challenge”

Inktober Day 19

This one has the potential for 2 fabric designs. Also, I love the color combo and have already used it in a design, which I can’t post yet as I’m using the design (probably in a different colorway) for an upcoming challenge. Unfortunately, I had a hard time scanning this one and the light blueContinue reading “Inktober Day 19”

Inktober Day 16: Sort of Geometric

Fun little motifs. Probably needs a lot of changes to make into a good fabric design, but it has potential. Mine’s kind of a messy version of it, but I’ve been admiring the varying thicker line weight in some other artists’ Inktober drawings, and tried to emulate that here. 

Inktober Day 11, Realizations and Decisions

As I mentioned in the previous post, I fell behind because I was working on a time consuming fabric design. But I’ve also come to realize that I wasn’t doing this challenge in the best way for me. It was that prompt “Cruel” that threw me for a loop. I have no desire to makeContinue reading “Inktober Day 11, Realizations and Decisions”