Happy in ADK

New drawing just completed and I was so happy with the results that I’ve already cleaned it up, added it to my Society 6 shop and ordered it for myself. Black and white for now – a digitally colored version is a possibility for the future. From today’s journal entry: Today I choose joy. TodayContinue reading “Happy in ADK”

The Blue Guy Returns: Sneak Preview

In April and May 2020, I created a series of daily “Happy Drawings.” The you-know-what current situation had just started a couple months before and I had decided to try Facebook again. These drawings were among the first things I posted there upon my return. My intention was to hopefully add a little happiness toContinue reading “The Blue Guy Returns: Sneak Preview”

I’ve Lost Weight

If you’ve read my last few posts, perhaps it’s seemed like I am about to dissolve into a puddle of aery-faery woowooness.* Let me assure you, this is far from the case. There have been tangible, “3D world” changes arising from my 40 day Creativity Journey, too. The most obvious to me is that I’veContinue reading “I’ve Lost Weight”

Finding the Jewel in Your Life

This whole post is an excuse to post a link to this video. It’s a clip from the Joe Rogan show with Jewel and when I heard it the first time yesterday, I was blown away. Exactly, exactly the right-place-right-time for this one. Please listen. You just have to listen. So very beautiful and inspiring.Continue reading “Finding the Jewel in Your Life”

Every Line I Draw is a Gift from God.

Even though my 40 day Creativity Journey is long over, I continue to draw daily. I still spend a half hour (or more) each day, but now I take a few or several days to complete each drawing. This has allowed me to slow down, be more careful with my line work, and allows aContinue reading “Every Line I Draw is a Gift from God.”

Another Glorious Day

We’ve had so many beautiful days here recently that I’m thrilled to see this drawing come up as the next to post. Just a few thoughts today. Beyond all beliefs, the divine is experienced. (Something that occurred to me during meditation today.) And, The meaning of life is just to be alive. Alan Watts I’mContinue reading “Another Glorious Day”

Be Still and Know …

If you are a Christian, you know the rest of the Biblical quote in the title. I do too, even though (despite being raised as Catholic) I consider myself to be spiritual rather than religious. Nonetheless, it appeared in my thoughts yesterday. I was out for a walk on the most glorious day one couldContinue reading “Be Still and Know …”