Challenge Entry: “Mushrooms” design challenge

Departing from the “New for Sale” posts today to show my latest design challenge entry, “the world is a magical place”. For this one, I channeled the mushroom drawing child of my 1970s youth, added a couple cats, quirky butterfly, and fun flowers. It fell flat until the extensive shading was added – quite aContinue reading “Challenge Entry: “Mushrooms” design challenge”

Challenge Entry: “Day at the Lake” design challenge

“Lake Abstraction,” my entry for the upcoming Day at the Lake Spoonflower design challenge. There’s a contest in between, so voting starts July 16th. I’m liking how this looks on the sheets, and so will probably make some coordinates for it.

Challenge Entry: “Ice Cream Truck” design challenge

Went abstract with this one – focusing on patterns seen in ice cream and related items. (Also, I must admit I’ve been a bit obsessed with confetti dots and colors ever since my confetti birthday cake in May.*) This is a two-way design, meaning that it looks the same from opposite sides and that it’llContinue reading “Challenge Entry: “Ice Cream Truck” design challenge”

spring is weird!

New challenge entry and nice follow-up to last week’s design (“dreaming of spring”). It looks lovely on home decor bedding, either for children or those somewhat (or a lot!) older and still whimsically-minded. I like it on the cocktail napkins, too, as each one shows a different part of the design. The theme of thisContinue reading “spring is weird!”

The Land of 13 Suns

The Land of Thirteen Suns ¬©Monica Tojek 2019 I live in a land of 13 suns (and only one moon!). Thirteen is the luckiest number. Can you imagine? Some houses there are very, very tall; and others are very, very square. The cats are blue with purple dots or purple with blue stripes. Dogs standContinue reading “The Land of 13 Suns”

New Design: Pretty Mandala Flower Playmat

I “dropped the ball” slightly. Meant to work on the sewing project daily, but only got two days in out of the last four. Will post on that soon, but I need a break, so maybe not ’til tomorrow. In the meantime, I worked on this massive project for this week’s design challenge, themed “Playmats.”Continue reading “New Design: Pretty Mandala Flower Playmat”