two-tone (plus white) designs: what’s your fave?

Instead of cats with stripes, I’ve made stripes with cats, some with stripes. Does that make any sense whatsoever? This is my entry for the upcoming “feline frenzy” design challenge at Spoonflower, and I had fun with it. Which is my main criterion these days, so it worked out well. Shown above and below onContinue reading “two-tone (plus white) designs: what’s your fave?”

Limited Palette Dot (#15)

It’s funny how the mind (at least mine) sometimes works. I have been thinking about whether to enter the upcoming Spoonflower limited palette design challenge, even tried out yesterday’s dot in the required colors. But today as I was drawing, I realized that my design (which looks a bit like abstract peas and pea-plant vines)Continue reading “Limited Palette Dot (#15)”

Cat Bird Slug (Group Portrait) Tea Towel

Edit: Revised design uploaded 6/10. This week’s Spoonflower design challenge entry – theme “Animal Portrait Tea Towels.” Also, as far as I can tell, it’s the ONLY cat + bird + slug design currently at Spoonflower. I made the design two-way per a suggestion on the Spoonflower flickr group, the idea being that either wayContinue reading “Cat Bird Slug (Group Portrait) Tea Towel”

Design Challenge Entry – Abstract Minimalist

Edit: As of 6/26/19, this item is now for sale at Spoonflower and Roostery.   My very minimal, very geometric design challenge entry. There is a subtle texture that isn’t obvious on the mock-ups. This also was very fun to do. Shown below on various Roostery products. “tall triangles and circles” by lalalamonique

Design Challenge Entry

For the “Bohemian Paradise” design challenge next week at Spoonflower. Voting starts Thursday, February 21st. Super pleased with my entry this time. A drawing that was heavily digitally edited to look very batik-like. “boho tropical mandala flowers large scale” by lalalamonique

Before and After 5 (blog-a-day challenge, day 26)

And my entry for this week’s design challenge at Spoonflower. Have been working on this all day, and my head is spinning a little. So – maybe some minor (hopefully not major) revisions to be made tomorrow. The contest theme is “Desert Modernism” and voting starts Thursday. “modern desert floral” by lalalamonique

Design Challenge Entry (blog-a-day challenge day 20)

This is all I’ve been working on today. Still tweaking it a bit, but this is basically it – my entry for the Coral Limited Color Palette design challenge at Spoonflower. The following four colors were allowed and all were required: Goldenrod (#E0B138) Midnight Blue (#002E54) Living Coral (Pantone’s color of the year, hex equivalentContinue reading “Design Challenge Entry (blog-a-day challenge day 20)”

This is exciting! (blog-a-day challenge, day 2)

The Spoonflower “Be My Valentine” contest results are in, and my “hearts” design has place the highest ever for me – (tied for) 54th place. Strictly speaking, the top 50 are automatically proofed and made for sale, but they went a little beyond 50 this time and mine is included! Yay! I love the extraContinue reading “This is exciting! (blog-a-day challenge, day 2)”

Large Scale Black and White Design

My bold, geometric design for the upcoming “Large Scale Black and White” design challenge at Spoonflower. contest page: (Voting begins November 29th.) fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap for sale at: Above: Roostery Isobar wallpaper, Roostery Serama throw pillow  

Design Challenge Entry: Chinoiserie

I am not one for ornateness, so I did a modern, stylized take on the challenge. Although I also did this design in more traditional Chinoiserie (basically, a “western” take on Chinese art and design) colors, I think I’m going with this version for the challenge. Unless I change my mind…. which I do sometimes….Continue reading “Design Challenge Entry: Chinoiserie”