30 Day Design Experiment, 8 of 30

Confetti dots! I love them. Ever since that birthday cake. Yes, yes, I’ve mentioned this before. These are big ones – each dot is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and has its own shadow. I love how one color melts into the background on the light blue and white versions. Let’s start with threeContinue reading “30 Day Design Experiment, 8 of 30”

12 Dots So Far!

I thought it’d be fun to see the dots I’ve done so far all together and in order from first to latest. I’m calling these “creativity dots” on Spoonflower because I don’t have any specific ideas at the moment what they could be used for. (haha!) They will be available in swatch size and maybeContinue reading “12 Dots So Far!”

A squarish dot

I am redefining “dot” slightly with this one, which is a bit more squarish in shape than the average dot. This drawing was started when I was on a little adventure – on a ferry on Lake Champlain a few days ago. I think it’s fun and works with different Society 6 items than theContinue reading “A squarish dot”

Another day, another dot

The second dot is complete and now available at Society 6. Black and white with colors of the day: blue, violet, and yellow. Please check out Society 6 for more products. I’ve put it mostly on the round products, but if you are interested in seeing it on any other of their products, please ask.Continue reading “Another day, another dot”

Dots for sale

I’m making “complicated dots” for sale at Society 6. My current aim is for a dot a day for at least 21 days. Some will probably be more squarish in shape. They are to be bold and bright, with a limited palette of black, white and three other varying colors and I think they willContinue reading “Dots for sale”