The Land of 13 Suns

The Land of Thirteen Suns ¬©Monica Tojek 2019 I live in a land of 13 suns (and only one moon!). Thirteen is the luckiest number. Can you imagine? Some houses there are very, very tall; and others are very, very square. The cats are blue with purple dots or purple with blue stripes. Dogs standContinue reading “The Land of 13 Suns”

Kaleidoscope Design Challenge

For this week’s Spoonflower design challenge, I chose to create watercolor symmetrical “kaleidoscopes” and frame them in an ogee layout. White space between each motif/ogee line was used to give the design an open, uncrowded feel; to give them room to breathe, if you will. Very pleased with the results! Here’s my process, more orContinue reading “Kaleidoscope Design Challenge”

New Collection Time: NYC Vibes

Recently I went back to New York City for a visit, my first time since moving away in early 2005. That fabulous energy – so seductive – was the basis for 17 marker drawings, that I’ve since vectorized and translated into a new fabric design collection at Spoonflower. I fancy these designs to be mix-and-matchContinue reading “New Collection Time: NYC Vibes”

Cat Bird Slug (Group Portrait) Tea Towel

Edit: Revised design uploaded 6/10. This week’s Spoonflower design challenge entry – theme “Animal Portrait Tea Towels.” Also, as far as I can tell, it’s the ONLY cat + bird + slug design currently at Spoonflower. I made the design two-way per a suggestion on the Spoonflower flickr group, the idea being that either wayContinue reading “Cat Bird Slug (Group Portrait) Tea Towel”

Design Challenge Entry – Abstract Minimalist

Edit: As of 6/26/19, this item is now for sale at Spoonflower and Roostery.   My very minimal, very geometric design challenge entry. There is a subtle texture that isn’t obvious on the mock-ups. This also was very fun to do. Shown below on various Roostery products. “tall triangles and circles” by lalalamonique

New Design/Before and After

(Above: “At the Beach” fabric swatch and design mock-up on Roostery cocktail napkins and throw pillow.) Another challenge entry, this one based on the theme of “Small-Scale Summer.” I wasn’t feeling too psyched about this challenge, until I remembered a painting I did long ago. This painting was for a class, and, truthfully, I rememberContinue reading “New Design/Before and After”

New Design: Pretty Mandala Flower Playmat

I “dropped the ball” slightly. Meant to work on the sewing project daily, but only got two days in out of the last four. Will post on that soon, but I need a break, so maybe not ’til tomorrow. In the meantime, I worked on this massive project for this week’s design challenge, themed “Playmats.”Continue reading “New Design: Pretty Mandala Flower Playmat”

Design challenge entry: “April Showers”

This is my literal take on that old saying “April Showers bring may flowers.” Yesss, flowers inside of raindrops. Get it? (Oh my, I hope so.) This time, I added a sort of loose weave burlap looking texture for the green background. And I think the design looks good on table top accessories (shown onContinue reading “Design challenge entry: “April Showers””

Design Challenge Entry

For the “Bohemian Paradise” design challenge next week at Spoonflower. Voting starts Thursday, February 21st. Super pleased with my entry this time. A drawing that was heavily digitally edited to look very batik-like. “boho tropical mandala flowers large scale” by lalalamonique