Gender Neutral Wallpaper Design Challenge

I updated my entry for this challenge at Spoonflower as below. It may look vaguely familiar, because it is the fabric design version of my Inktober Day 17 drawing, but with the colors changed to a cooler version. The original drawing and the design in its original colorway are also shown below.  Both colorways willContinue reading “Gender Neutral Wallpaper Design Challenge”

“Gender Neutral Nursery Wallpaper” Design Challenge

Edit: I’ve changed my mind and entered another design. Will post that soon. Below is my entry for this week’s design challenge at Spoonflower. The idea was to create wallpaper for a gender neutral nursery. I went bold and minimal with these alphabet squares. The image below is scaled down quite a bit – theContinue reading ““Gender Neutral Nursery Wallpaper” Design Challenge”