Symmetrical(ish) Dot

Dot #4 in some lovely cool colors now available on Society 6 duvet cover, coasters, clock (shown) and several other items. If you want it, but in another item not yet available, please contact me or leave a comment below. I am also working on getting these available as “creativity dots” at Spoonflower.  

A squarish dot

I am redefining “dot” slightly with this one, which is a bit more squarish in shape than the average dot. This drawing was started when I was on a little adventure – on a ferry on Lake Champlain a few days ago. I think it’s fun and works with different Society 6 items than theContinue reading “A squarish dot”

Another day, another dot

The second dot is complete and now available at Society 6. Black and white with colors of the day: blue, violet, and yellow. Please check out Society 6 for more products. I’ve put it mostly on the round products, but if you are interested in seeing it on any other of their products, please ask.Continue reading “Another day, another dot”