More New Supply Fun (blog-a-day challenge, day 5)

Yesterday I wrote about my marker upgrade from humble Crayolas to Staedtler Pigment Liner pens and a 6H Prismacolor pencil. Today I will discuss the other new items I purchased from Blick. But first, I forgot to mention yesterday that part of my reason for trying new pens is that I’d like to be ableContinue reading “More New Supply Fun (blog-a-day challenge, day 5)”

Inktober Day 25 Trying Out Ideas

Wreath idea for the Holidays Around the World Design Challenge. Messed around with it a bit today, but I wasn’t too happy with the results. The challenge isn’t for a couple weeks, so I may hold off and work on some other stuff for a while. Edit: I think there’s a bit of a SeusslikeContinue reading “Inktober Day 25 Trying Out Ideas”