Inktober Day 16: Sort of Geometric

Fun little motifs. Probably needs a lot of changes to make into a good fabric design, but it has potential. Mine’s kind of a messy version of it, but I’ve been admiring the varying thicker line weight in some other artists’ Inktober drawings, and tried to emulate that here. 

Inktober Day 15: A Potential Fabric Design

A fellow fabric designer complimented me by suggesting that this resembles a Mayan jaguar mask. She gave me this link for a similar example of a jaguar panel (you need to scroll down a bit): VERY cool because I love ancient rock art but I don’t know much about it especially the Mayan version. Continue reading “Inktober Day 15: A Potential Fabric Design”

Inktober Day 14,Catch Up Drawing

I’m not going to get specific, but in this drawing, I was brainstorming some ideas for a fabric design project. I’ll admit, I don’t think I was successful, but sometimes I have to make a lot of unsatisfactory attempts before getting to the good stuff. Inktober Day 14 catch up drawing (9×12″, crayola markers)

Inktober Day 13, Catch Up Drawing

Once I had a job where I had my own office, but it didn’t have a window. I always wanted to do a painting like a window, but with a big eyeball looking through it. Never got to it, but that idea shows up twice in today’s Inktober drawing, below (9×12″, crayola markers). No prompt,Continue reading “Inktober Day 13, Catch Up Drawing”

Inktober Day 12, Choosing Colors

While seeking information for an upcoming Spoonflower design challenge (“Fair Isle”), I discovered a cool way to choose colors. The original post at Interweave was specifically geared toward Fair Isle knitting, but, I am experimenting with expanding the technique for use in my drawings/fabric designs. The basic idea is to choose colors more based onContinue reading “Inktober Day 12, Choosing Colors”

Inktober Day 11, Realizations and Decisions

As I mentioned in the previous post, I fell behind because I was working on a time consuming fabric design. But I’ve also come to realize that I wasn’t doing this challenge in the best way for me. It was that prompt “Cruel” that threw me for a loop. I have no desire to makeContinue reading “Inktober Day 11, Realizations and Decisions”