Contest Entry: “Reimagined Damask Wallpaper” Design Challenge

For this most recent “Reimagined Damask Wallpaper” challenge, I may have gone in a different direction than most. My design is meant to be a more modern, pared down version of a traditional damask design. While using a typical diamond layout and flower motif, I spruced up the colors a little and transformed the standardContinue reading “Contest Entry: “Reimagined Damask Wallpaper” Design Challenge”

Boho Brights: New Design Collection

Hi all! I’m excited to finally get started sharing my newest collection, my most extensive to date. Here are all the designs (80+ total) for sale so far. I’ll be adding separate links to each design, but for now, here’s a link to the whole collection. [Edit 3/19/20: I’ve now created a page with linksContinue reading “Boho Brights: New Design Collection”

Design Challenge Entry – Abstract Minimalist

Edit: As of 6/26/19, this item is now for sale at Spoonflower and Roostery.   My very minimal, very geometric design challenge entry. There is a subtle texture that isn’t obvious on the mock-ups. This also was very fun to do. Shown below on various Roostery products. “tall triangles and circles” by lalalamonique