Happy Happy Little Tree

Today I followed an intuition and bought this little tree and already decorated it. It was fun and will be nice to enjoy for a while. (I’ll be honest, it’s already shedding a fair amount, so I may as well get used to its temporary nature.) Wishing everyone fun intuitions to follow in their dayContinue reading “Happy Happy Little Tree”

Flowers of New York City

Was wanting to post photographs of flowers I took on my recent visit to New York City. Then it seemed weird because who thinks of flowers when they think of the city? To be honest, I don’t recall seeing as many in the past (when I lived there) as during this visit. Why is that?Continue reading “Flowers of New York City”

SoHo (and The Village) Love

A mixture of love-themed graffiti/art as seen on my recent visit to New York City. To the best of my recollection, these were all taken in either SoHo or The Village. Is this NYC being “destroyed” by graffiti or being encouraged to come back to life in a better way after difficult times? (I preferContinue reading “SoHo (and The Village) Love”

I went to NYC last week.

New York City, where I lived from 1996 to early 2005, had no desire to return to until last year, then went a couple times before you know what hit. I finally just got up and went back last week and it was wonderful. Beautiful weather and I walked. And walked. And walked. And tookContinue reading “I went to NYC last week.”

This week’s design challenge entry

My entry for the weekly Spoonflower design challenge, inspired by a talk by Beatrice Schachenmayr ( @frameyourstoryproject http://frameyourstory.org/ ) that I attended recently. She mentioned the Georgia O’Keeffe quote as part of the talk and it struck me as something I’d been pondering for a while but hadn’t yet put into words. And then thisContinue reading “This week’s design challenge entry”

I went for a walk today.

I live within walking distance of two to three lakes and yet, I adore this little pond that I can also walk to. The reason  I like it so much is that seasonal and weather changes are very obvious due to its small size. In fact, if the weather is very dry, it looks moreContinue reading “I went for a walk today.”

Beauty and deception on a winter’s day (blog-a-day challenge, day 3)

-6F/-21C and sunny here in the beautiful Adirondacks. One of those deceptive winter days: bright sunshine masking intensely cold temperatures. Not planning on going outside again today … unless I see the opportunity for a better photo.