I’m making Happy Drawings – day 17

Psychedelic Sunset. I’m making and uploading one happy drawing a day, at least until the end of the the stay-at-home order. Would anyone care to join me? Thanks for Stopping by! Monica

Another design challenge entry

This one is done early. I like the way it looks on Roostery products – see below for view¬† of Roostery pillow, blanket, and tablecloth. Also, I think I’m finally getting more than good at repeats. Yay! I also like that this is a very clean vector design. Voting for the “Pollinators” design challenge startsContinue reading “Another design challenge entry”

Sometimes I Sew 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 9)

I did a search for neon versions of various colors and incorporated them into this (crazy allover psychedelic looking) pillow topper design. In print, the light yellow green outlines and light blue look a lot more neon than the rest, at least to me. Very curious as to how this might look under black light.Continue reading “Sometimes I Sew 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 9)”