New for Sale! Summer Love Weathered Starburst Floral

Imagine dining near the beach on the perfect warm summer evening. This design was created with subtle colors and a soft, sand-weathered look for a relaxing, peaceful feel. And it’s multi-directional, too, which makes it an excellent choice for tablecloths, the table runner, and all the coordinating dining decor available at Spoonflower. Here is SummerContinue reading “New for Sale! Summer Love Weathered Starburst Floral”

New Design/Before and After

(Above: “At the Beach” fabric swatch and design mock-up on Roostery cocktail napkins and throw pillow.) Another challenge entry, this one based on the theme of “Small-Scale Summer.” I wasn’t feeling too psyched about this challenge, until I remembered a painting I did long ago. This painting was for a class, and, truthfully, I rememberContinue reading “New Design/Before and After”