Sweet dot with optional bling*

Today I’m trying something new – a slightly different version for round and for square items at Society 6. Unfortunately, they don’t let me use a different image for the same item but in a different shape (e.g., round/square side tables or floor pillows). I may send them feedback on that, but for now, here’sContinue reading “Sweet dot with optional bling*”

Now for Sale at Society 6 (blog-a-day challenge, day 8)

One more shout out for my “hearts” design. I’ve put several items for sale on Society 6, just in time for Valentine’s Day gift purchases. My top 3 favorites: 1. Hearts Mugs at under $20 each (2 sizes available): 2. Stationery Cards, various prices with best value of 10 cards for $24.99: 3. All OverContinue reading “Now for Sale at Society 6 (blog-a-day challenge, day 8)”

This is exciting! (blog-a-day challenge, day 2)

The Spoonflower “Be My Valentine” contest results are in, and my “hearts” design has place the highest ever for me – (tied for) 54th place. Strictly speaking, the top 50 are automatically proofed and made for sale, but they went a little beyond 50 this time and mine is included! Yay! I love the extraContinue reading “This is exciting! (blog-a-day challenge, day 2)”

Get ready for Valentine’s day

This week’s contest theme is “Be My Valentine” and I went for the traditional hearts idea, but made modern with a color twist. Really pleased with this one. Good bi-directional repeat, strong color combo, clear lines. I am slowly but steadily improving at this design stuff. (Yay!) I think the design will be especially funContinue reading “Get ready for Valentine’s day”