Kaleidoscope Design Challenge

For this week’s Spoonflower design challenge, I chose to create watercolor symmetrical “kaleidoscopes” and frame them in an ogee layout. White space between each motif/ogee line was used to give the design an open, uncrowded feel; to give them room to breathe, if you will. Very pleased with the results! Here’s my process, more orContinue reading “Kaleidoscope Design Challenge”

Before and After 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 23)

Not feeling it today, so here’s a quick before and after. The original was a watercolor with drawing in crayola fine line marker over top. I removed the background digitally and replaced it with a rust color to which I used a drawing tool to add some texture. This technique is fun – I reallyContinue reading “Before and After 3 (blog-a-day challenge, day 23)”